Summer In The City 2012 – The YouTubers Meet-up!

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Over Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of August YouTube were running a gathering/meet up of Youtubers for free in Lodnon at The Brewery. I attended the Friday gathering and met some of the biggest YouTubers, including: Crabsitckz, Tom Ska and Liam Dryden.

The Brewery’s rooms held over 5000 YouTubers over the three days, spanning outside on the Sunday. The rooms each contained something different to create a social and creative atmosphere to meet people we have watched and admired and people we met for the first time. Downstairs was the open mic area where many YouTubers brought their ukuleles. Next door was the games room featuring Twister, Jenga and Alex Day’s card game Sopio. I myself bought a pack of Sopio cards after winning my first game. It’s highly addicted and really a great card game for anyone.

Upstairs was the gathering hall and smoothie centre. This is where free smoothies were given out and access to the internet was given to sit on a beanbag and search the web. The gathering hall featured mainly signings of hit YouTubers where the fan girls had caught them and pushed them to a corner to gain a hug, signed autograph and more. There was also a ball pit to dive into and if you found a duck you won a free Tshirt. I attempted the ball pit but with the amount of people I thought I wouldn’t make it out!

Upstairs was the gig hall, once again filled withYouTuber signings and a stage. This stage was used in the evening for performances from Jack and Dean (YouTuber comedians) and musicians such as Carrie Fletcher and MusicalBethan. The gig was live streamed on YouTube on the Saturday night.

The gathering was a very successful time and I enjoyed my full 11 hours I was out in London for to attend the event, although my feet ached a lot the next day but it was worth it.

I also got recognised for the first time as a YouTuber since I have now reached over 110 subscribers!

Attached to this article is the video I made on the event, watch to see some YouTubers I met you may know and learn more about the event which I aim to attend next year!

By Alice Stansfield

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