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Creatabot speaks to Kirstin Moore, a jewellery designer based in Kent, and found out some more about her background and what inspires her.

So Kirstin how long have you been a jewellery designer/craftswoman for now?

I have been running my own jewellery design and manufacture business for a year now, prior to that I worked as a jewellery designer for a jewellers in London and have worked within the industry for some time.

Did you study any creative subjects?

I studied a foundation course in Art and Design when I left school, at Ravensbourne Art College which at the time was based in Chislehurst, Kent. At the time I was mostly interested in painting and sketching but whilst there an entire new world of creativity was opened up for me. It was there that I became interested in three dimensional design, largely creating wearable sculptures which naturally led to a focus on jewellery.

After my foundation course I took a year out from studying and took an apprenticeship in a manufacturing jewellers, in Chislehurst, which gave me an insight into the industry whilst gaining invaluable experience and making skills. I then went on to study a BA(HONS) in metalwork and jewellery design at Sheffield Hallam University. I found that jewellery was a perfect medium for me to use to express an idea or concept, using it as a small scale sculpture.

Who is your favourite local artist and all time favourite artist?

I love the work of Kentish ceramic artist Pam Dodds, her vases are extremely sculptural and seductive. I find the forms of her work extremely attractive.

My favourite all time artist is extremely difficult as there are so many to choose from! I adore the work of jewellery designer Shaun Leane, who used to create catwalk jewellery for Alexander McQueen, his work is incredibly theatrical, with striking forms and clean lines. I also love the sculptures of Anish Kapoor, especially the metallic forms that totally encompass you when you move around them, love them.

Who really inspires you?

I find inspiration all around me, I especially draw influence from the human body, its form, the negative space it creates and how jewellery can react with it. I enjoy looking at the interplay between jewellery and the wearer, what the jewellery means to the person and their reason for wearing it. I have previously created a large range of work based on how jewellery is used to increase a person’s attractiveness and so the jewellery itself became a tool to physically encourage flirting between people. My most recent collection was inspired by the notion of fairies and how, as an adult female, we feel that we need to dismiss our childish love of all things enchanted. This collection, entitled “Enchantment” was created to secretly celebrate that mystical world by creating abstract forms from fairies, thus enabling the wearer to express their love for fairies but not in a literal, easily recognisable sense.

What would you really like to learn in the future?

There are many creative techniques that I would love to learn, some to further my abilities and some just for fun. There are numerous techniques, just within jewellery making and silver-smithing that I would love try. Every now and then I see something that another crafter or designer has produced that leaves me wondering how they have made it and that I would like to try it also. However, I have always had a desire to have a go at crocheting, I do not know why; I just think it looks pretty!

Can you recommend a creative website you love?

Well, I would have to say my own website: But, I would also like to recommend “Folksy”,, which is a marketplace for all things craft related. You will find a multitude of craters and designers on there, including myself, who create the most beautiful items and promote and sell their work on there. You will also find some hints and tips on how to make things and the friendliest of forums!

Thank you Kirstin for speaking to Creatabot and please keep us updated with your future projects!

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