“How to Get a Break as a Writer” – New Book By Neil Nixon

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This new book by Kent writer Neil Nixon discusses the opportunities that exist out there for writers. It is a book about generating an income from your writing showing you the way your ideas and words can be employed to earn money.

“I wrote this book for the people who know they are creative, who have ideas they want to share and who believe these ideas can earn them money” says Neil.”It’s a book for budding writers who will be happier and feel more alive if they can find a way of earning good, regular money as a creative person” he adds.

Neil Nixon himself has been writing since his student days, and in 1999 was the first person in the UK to found an undergraduate programme in Professional Writing. His work goes from the respectable Sony Award nomination and acclaimed academic textbooks, to humour, advertising and writing for operations as varied as Sooty Films and Rough Guide.

Honest, insightful and challenging, “How T o Get a Break as a Writer” tells it like it is, pulls no punches and delivers a series of chapters setting out the problems faced by an aspiring writer. Neil says “It’s based on my own experience and that of the people I’ve been privileged to teach over the last 10 year”.

“How to Get a Break as a Writer” deals with an area of writing for a living that remains virtually untouched by most other titles. This is a book about getting breaks, making your own luck and getting hopeful writers to the stage of being taken seriously.

“If you are just starting on a writing career the book can be read from beginning to end. If you are already underway each chapter can serve as a self-help manual for the skills you still need to develop, allowing you to dip into the book and come away with some positive possibilities in return for a few minutes reading and thinking” suggests Neil.

PUBLICATION DATE 2nd March 2011 ISBN: 9781848765641 Price: £8.99

Available on Amazon

To find out more about Neil Nixon visit http://www.neilnixon.com/

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