www.spareplace.com – Map of Available Shops and Studios in the UK

Creative Opportunities

Spare Place is a collaboration between the Empty Shops Network and Open Sussex. The Empty Shops Network have been recycling empty shops for ten years and provide the tools, skills and knowledge to make this information openly available.

Visit  www.artistsandmakers.com/emptyshops for a toolkit selection of resource to help you find or add an Empty Shop.

You can contact the Empty Shops Network by emailing dan@artistsandmakers.com or following @artistsmakers on Twitter

Open Sussex is an organisation that focuses on FLOSS (Free / Libre Open Source Software).

The Empty Homes Agency are a charity that highlights the waste of empty properties and try to bring empty properties back in use. There site allows people to add Empty Homes.


“An ingenious way of bringing art to the people” Alan Yentob

“Helping local individuals and groups to work with councils in converting less glamorous spaces to good use” The Times

The Empty Shops Network helps hundreds of projects across the country talk to each other, share ideas and access practical resources.

Looking at town centres across the country it’s clear things are changing, and the most obvious sign is that about 14% of shops are empty.

Town centre shopping is becoming a leisure activity. For convenience, out of town or a shopping mall is easier; for price and choice, the internet wins. The places that are doing well combine interesting, niche retail with good quality arts and culture, decent public realm, local distinctiveness and a vibrant, varied cafe culture.

Empty shops are being used right now to test new ideas for town centres and to add variety to the mix – the Empty Shops Network supports these.

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