How To Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

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The infamous fizzy drink brand advert has hit our screens, and gift packs fill the high-street selves. This can mean only one thing. Christmas is coming, and the tedious task of shopping for family and friends must begin. But are you feeling the financial strain this year? Why not save money on wrapping paper and make your own.

Buying rolls of the stuff in the shops can leave an unnecessary dent in the wallet so instead, get out the scissors and glue and be creative. The lucky receivers of your gift will be so impressed with the wrapping that it won’t matter what’s inside. Here’s a step by step guide for you to follow:

What you need:

Newspaper and/or brown paper, Magazines, scissors, strong glue, and anything else you want to use to decorate.

Step 1: Cut out pictures

Decide how you want your wrapping paper to look. Use pinking shears to cut out Christmas themed pictures from magazines, or even print out personal photos from the computer to make the gift wrap even more special for the receiver.

Step 2: Avoid the mess

If you are using pictures from magazines then you won’t need the brown paper, and the images alone will be enough to make sturdy wrapping paper. However, lay down a sheet of newspaper to make the process less messy. If you are using printed pictures then you are likely to need a sheet of brown paper to stick the images to because the paper will be too thin.

Step 3: Be creative

Use the magazine or printed images to make your very own design. Overlap the pictures so they can all be glued together, and use smaller images or coloured paper to fill in the gaps. Design the wrapping paper before using any glue. Overlapping the images isn’t necessary if you are using brown paper.

Step 4: Stick, stick, stick

Stick the images together, or onto the brown paper, one by one.

Step 5: Get arty

Use glitter, stickers, ribbon, paint, and any other arty device that you can get your hands on to decorate your wrapping paper even further. This is a good way of covering up any text you might not want from magazine images.

Step 6: Wrap your gift

Once the glue has dried and the images are secure you can use your wrapping paper. Put your special present under the tree and wait for friends and family to be pleasantly surprised by your creativity.

You can personalise the gift further by making your own cards, and gift tags. What’s more, this is a money-saving technique that works for any occasion. Make personalised photo wrapping paper for a loved one in February and get unique Valentine cards to go with it. Make that someone special feel special.

Written for Hallmark Cards by Tara West.

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