Kent Production Company “Countrywide” Launch ‘Red Sails’ DVD

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Countrywide have released their latest DVD ‘Red Sails’.

The film explores through interviews and archive footage the influence of the Thames sailing barge in the development of trade, and its contribution to the building of Victorian London. It also looks in detail at the craftsmen and their trades, which made the Thames barges so unique. A few have become yachts for chartering, but the Thames barge lives on through the recent restoration of one of the most famous: the Cambria.

‘Red Sails’ is a 49 minute documentary that has been produced by Countrywide Productions and directed by Michael Maloney. It includes interviews with Bill Collard, Tim Goldsack, Steve Hall, Jim Lawrence, Steve Norris and Don Sattin, as well as archive footage and contemporary material.

The DVD is available at

Info and pictures: (contact us for higher resolutions)

Watch sample clips from the film:
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Countrywide Productions is a producer of high quality corporate and television programming and has successfully produced material on local history, environmental issues, tourism, public relations and promotion, in-house training, etc.. Countrywide has previously produced ‘A Sideways Launch’ and ‘A Dream of Flight’, both local history DVDs released in Kent.

Michael Maloney has produced documentaries for many years, both for television and corporate programming. Credits include broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5, and organisations such as the National Trust and VisitBritain

For any further information, contact Michael Maloney, Director/Producer

or visit 

Area – South East

2 thoughts on “Kent Production Company “Countrywide” Launch ‘Red Sails’ DVD

  1. Enjoyed Red Sails very much have bought the DVD was surprised not to see the Smeed Dean brick and cement empire at milton creek Murston did not get mentioned, this was one of the biggest brick fields that sent bricks by barge. I see two pictures in the DVD one of Adelaide dock and also a barge Histed being loaded with bricks at Adelaide, perhaps Don Sattin never got this far, as most of his recollections is of conyer works.

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