Passing Reflections – Art Exhibition – February 10th to April 13th 2012 – Rochester

Creative and Art Events

Passing reflections brings together works by textile artist Rosie James, ceramics and glass by Andrea Walsh and fused textiles in glass by Alison Lowry.

Anonymous passers by, individuals and crowds are the subject of Rosie James’ investigations. Within her figurative thread drawings and screen prints she draws attention to often-overlooked details found in everyday occurrences and looks to capture the commonality found within groups.

James explores connections between her subjects and their location by interpreting their surroundings, through drawing and photography, making reference to buildings, windows and skylines to suggest urban landscapes. Her energetic, sketch-like, thread drawings are sewn onto transparent fabrics, to reveal and celebrate the process of sewing. Loose threads and frayed ends imply speed and movement, which suggest busy towns and bustling environments.

Using a sewing machine and printing techniques, Rosie James layers images on top on one another, building up tactile compositions to create crowds of people and a sense of atmosphere. The unnoticed becomes noticed in her playful and seductive textiles. 

Craft Case

Rochester Art Gallery’s Craft Case presents ceramic and glass faceted boxes, together with a selection of jars and vessels, by Andrea Walsh. She explores the physical and metaphorical relationships between the material object and external qualities of light, shadow and surface.Alison Lowry’s fused textiles in glass aims to capture and preserve traces of the wearer, translating ethereal properties into a second skin of memory using family heirlooms.


Free workshop – Saturday, 24 March 2012, 12.30 – 3.30pm

Explore thread drawing with textile artist Rosie James to create your own works of art, inspired by the exhibition. Under 16-year-olds
must be accompanied by an adult. Free activity. For details about Rosie James visit

Advance booking is essential for all activities as places are limited. For more information about Rochester Art Gallery visit

The exhibition is being held at the Rochester Art Gallery, 95 High Street, Rochester, Kent. ME1 1LX

Area – South East

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