Review – Blackbird Blackbird – 15th May – Brighton


One man, one Macbook and one Akai controller. The sounds of Blackbird Blackbird leave you imagining a full team of sound engineers with various decks and controllers, but Blackbird Blackbird is just one man, Mikey Maramag, and a whole bunch of musical artistic talent.

Demonstrating what can now be achieved through a small amount of modern technology, Blackbird Blackbird’s work can only be described as art in sound version. Creating layers of audio using electronic, drum, vocal and keyboard samples along with various other sounds (including owls on the track “Heartbeat”)  this gig left me inspired, and brought to my attention real sound engineering talent.

Watching Mikey “perform” is unique. Similar in some ways to a live DJ using various decks to remix audio, Blackbird Blackbird adds to the set by adding some live vocals and by becoming part of the music visually. You feel while listening to his creations that you become part of the sounds that he hears personally to himself in his mind. Like the greatest artist that visually expresses what he see’s in his mind so perfectly onto a canvas for all to see, Mikey Maramag does so with sound into a room for all to hear.

This was Blackbird Blackbirds first gig in the UK and he brought something quite new with him from his home of California. Inspired by the likes of M83, he sets out to add his own touch to the genre of chillwave music and express himself personally through what you hear.

Personally I think chillwave is a genre that is going to grow extensively in the next few years with access to the tech needed to create this type of sound becoming more and more accessible. Each artist will set out to express themselves through their own samples and sounds. What is great with Blackbird Blackbird is that through hearing the music you get to hear Mikey expressing his personal edge of creativity. Seeing Blackbird Blackbird perform live adds an extra layer to the sound that you don’t get through headphones, so I highly recommend that experience.

Details of the Blackbird Blackbird tour can be seen at (right hand side of page)

and you can listen to his music through Spotify.

By Natasha Steer

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