Creatabot Presents Their First Workshop: “Expanding Your Creativity” – 26th September 2012 – Chatham

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Creatabot are holding a new unique workshop at Nucleus arts centre in Chatham High Street on the 26th September.

The workshop is entitled “Expand Your Creativity” and covers a number of topics that will inspire and support local creatives. Subjects to be discussed include event organising, use of social media, writing press releases and opening pop up shops.

Director of Creatabot, Natasha Steer, who is presenting the workshop said “Medway is fast becoming a unique place of creativity, exciting events and future thinking projects. Some people are not aware of how to utilise this, some people are not even aware quite how much is going on and being planned. Creatabot aims to help people get even more involved”

The workshop runs from 7.30pm to 9.30pm and costs only £5 per person. 

You can book in person at Rochester Coffee Co, Nucleus studios, 272 High Street, Chatham or at

Tea and coffee will be provided.


Nucleus Art Gallery And Studios

272 High St




Any questions please email

Area: South East

2 thoughts on “Creatabot Presents Their First Workshop: “Expanding Your Creativity” – 26th September 2012 – Chatham

  1. I still do not know what you actually do? Do you design time machines and matter transmitters or do you create music or art or literature? is this a charity concern for people with special needs?

    1. Yes, I build time machine, but Creatabot is about supporting individual creatives from all fields of creativity and helping to inspire them. You can find out more on our “About” page.

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