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Featured Arts Community – The Expansionists and 57a Residency – Whitstable

The Expansionists established 57a – an artists’ and writers’ residency programme in Whitstable, Kent – in order to aid and support creative expression. 57a is a privately funded project dedicated to providing the space, time and freedom to promote new artistic practice.


The Expansionists want to enable creativity to flourish and to inspire work that engages with the world around us.

The Expansionists’ ultimate aim is that 57a will lead to the creation of a diverse network of alumni who can help, support and inspire one another.

This alumni will be comprised of contemporaries in the creative world – using established links with practitioners to create a diverse and expanding network.

Their residencies are open year-round to anyone in any field of the arts. We welcome applications from both individuals and groups.

57a is inspired by and dedicated to the memory of Lucy Gordon, a talented actress and a person with an unequalled generosity and depth of heart.

To find out more visit 

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