The Paper Apothecary – 9th to 24th February 2013 – Canterbury

Creative and Art Events



The Paper Apothecary is a life size apothecary created entirely out of recycled paper and card by Animate Arts. Between Saturday 9 and Sunday 24 February, a ‘cultural chemist’ will be dispensing special happiness prescriptions to visitors, which direct them to different displays and collections in the Beaney.

The prescriptions have been chosen by more than 200 ‘happiness investigators’ – school children, residents and staff who have been exploring the Beaney and deciding what it is in the building that makes them happy.

As well as encouraging local people to come to the Beaney and spread some happiness, the project also links back to Dr James Beaney, who bequeathed funds to the city to build the Beaney in the 1890s and was a trainee chemist in Canterbury before he moved to Australia.

The Paper Apothecary project is part of the national Happy Museum initiative, and the Beaney is one of six museums across the country selected for this programme. It has been funded through the Arts Council England’s Renaissance strategic support fund and the Beaney was awarded a grant of £11,625 to run it.

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