Gig Review – Post War Years – Cargo – 25th February 2013


PWY Cargo

The joy with future music, is that we can only guess what it will be, and it doesn’t yet have a genre. Having just read a review of Post War Years new album, Galapagos, my thoughts are only confirmed. The review said “It’s tough to discern the group’s creative direction”. How can a new sound have a direction? It should stand on it’s own feet and become its very own genre of music. And that is how I feel about the music performed by Post War Years.

Having heard “All Eyes” on the first episode of the new Top Gear series, I instantly fell in love with their sound, and knew I had to see them live. The next nearest gig also turned out to be their album launch, so that obviously made me even happier!

Cargo is a fab venue, with Banksy graffiti  in the garden and situated under a bridge (reminiscent of Medway’s very own Tap and Tin) the surroundings for me could not have been better.


The support act “Night Works“, were a good reflection on Post War Years as they produce a similar sound, although less electronic. If you like the style of Post War Years I would recommend them.

Opening aptly with “Galapagos” from the new album I was instantly hit with pure electronica sounds, with all of the band working together to create a collage of fantastic synthesised sounds (apart from the drummer as that would be a struggle).

Going on to “The Bell” and “Glass House” you realise, especially live, that this is a band with true talent. All the guys contribute vocals, as well as multi-tasking between guitar and keyboard. They make a fantastic united sound, and I think it is quite rare for a band to work together quite so smoothly.


Like I said I really don’t like to compare, as to me this is the future sound of music, but having seen Com Truise and Blackbird Blackbird last year, there really were some elements of chill-wave in the music, and some likeness to Neon Indian for sure.

This band was better live than on record, and it is amazing to see the sounds being produced so perfectly right in front of you, I definitely recommend being at the front. Also stop frame animations related to each song were projected onto the screen behind the band, which added a perfect arty feel to the performance – something I really love to see.

The venue was packed, and the crowd loved the show, and we demanded an encore (especially when “All Eyes” had not yet been performed!). The band went on to play another 3 tracks, which was also complete with a confetti launch on the closing song. I also have to add, the band are genuinely lovely and were around after the gig to sign the new album for followers. Just so you know, I bought vinyl!

I was really pleased when the next day Time Out Music described listening to the new album as “Exploring Bowies goblin filled Labyrinth” making a connection with my most favourite film in the whole world.

Sarah and Jareth dancing to All Eyes...

Sarah and Jareth dancing to All Eyes…

In regard to the future of music, a tweet I noticed did make me laugh –  “Everything Everything, Foals, Delphic & Post War Years have all released albums in the last month. An electro indie band conspiracy?”.

No it isn’t a conspiracy, welcome (at last) to this generations music. Goodbye empty pop and rock.

By Natasha Steer


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