New Film Studies Courses Starting In Rochester

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By Adam Foster | Codefor

By Adam Foster | Codefor

Two new film study courses are being provided by the adult education centre in Rochester, Kent, which are being presented by Nick Walker from Rochester Film Society.

The courses are starting in March 2014. To register interest only at this stage please email:
The 2 courses cover the following topics –
·     Classic British Cinema:
Including: Silent Cinema, Documentary Film Movement, WWII, Hitchcock, Lean, Powell and Pressburger, Ealing Studios, Boulting Brothers, British New Wave
·     Golden Era of Hollywood:
Including: The coming of sound, studio system, start system, Hays Code, WII, Musicals, Film Studies, Film Noir,
The courses will run once a week for 10 weeks and examine the careers of various filmmakers and movements.
They will analyse how these visionary directors employed cinematography, editing and narrative to tell their stories, looking at how their creative signatures developed, and how their body of work took shape.

They will also examine how various movements and genres co-existed, investigative their cultural and political influences and observe their lasting legacy, with supporting clips to demonstrate key moments.

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