International Anti-Art School – Dr Sketchy’s – Comes To Medway

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The Medway branch of Dr Sketchy’s will be opening it’s doors after the collaboration between 3 sassy ladies who decided that the area would definitely be a brighter and more magical place with the addition of the Dr Sketchy’s.

Run by Lisa Carpendale, Michelle Woodland and Tracy Affleck the events will run both on Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons across the Medway area starting with events in Rainham and Rochester (just for starters).  Each event will be a unique mix of anything goes drawing (where mistakes are welcome), sumptuous cabaret acts, tuneage, unique themes and models that make you go ‘ooh’.  And of course there will be booze including special Sketchy Medway only cocktails mixes.  On a Sunday afternoon you can attend Sketchy’s in Rochester, where as well as the opportunity to partake in a weekend tipple there will be wonderful gooey homemade cakes and tea (how civilised) and a chance to meet with some mates and make some new ones.

Dr Sketchy’s Medway is about having a bit of fun and having a go at drawing in an inspiring atmosphere.  You do not have to be an ‘artist’ in the traditional sense and don’t have to be able to draw ‘perfectly’.  Just bring yourself and your va va voom.  There’s will be shorter sketching warm ups (to flex your drawing muscles) and an opportunity to draw longer poses.  Boards, paper and pencils are provided but you can bring your own sketchpads or different media that you would like to work with.

Keep up to date with the latest planned events at

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