Creatabot Creative Of The Year 2014 – Nominations Open!

Creative Opportunities


It has been 2 years, YES TWO YEARS since the last Creatabot Creative of The Year Award. Wow, that is pretty crazy. The amount that myself and Richard Jeferies (the first winner!) have worked on since has been amazing. We teamed up for the site responsive theatre piece “Survived” at Sun Pier House, before it was brilliantly refurbished, and then Richard managed to get the role of creating the Chatham Mural, which was an incredible project! It was a 2 week project and now everyone in Chatham gets to see his work and the work created by over 200 people, which was curated and designed by Richard. This is literally 2 of so so many projects Richard has worked on. I don’t think I can list all the work he has been doing!

So, here we are, the 2014 Creatabot Creative of the year award. The winner will gain a lovely glass award as well as promotion and support through Creatabot.

This time I am going to do things a bit differently. I would like  you to recommend someone to me that deserves support and recognition in their creativity. Fill in this contact form and then myself and a panel will look at all the nominations and reasons for being submitted, then a winner will be announced in December.

Terms: This is open to creatives in Kent. Closing date for nominations – 29th November.

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