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The Regenerate website is back…

The Regenerate

It’s been a while.  But now The Regenerate is waking up from a long hibernation.  As a sister site to The Medway Broadside, we’ll be showcasing and promoting Medway’s cultural and creative side.

For the moment, we’re busy gathering submissions, and going around the site with a big broom to tidy it up a bit.  We’ll be properly open for business again from early April 2015.  Do visit us again then.  Add us to your favourites.  And if you live in the Medway Towns, and you happen to be an artist, or a writer, or a musician or a photographer, or you make eccentric patterns with string, or do anything at all that’s creative, do consider submitting some of your work to us (details on the Submissions page, rather obviously).

Oh, and if you have a relevant website or blog of your own, drop us a line and we’ll…

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