Excavating Sound – 8th April 2015 – Fort Amherst – Chatham

Creative and Art Events


A free-of-charge exhibition of two sound installations are taking place in the subterranean network of tunnels underneath Fort Amherst in Chatham, Kent on the 8th of April 2015 from 2-5pm.

Produced and curated by two groups of students at the University of Kent School of Music and Fine Art, situated at the the Chatham Historic Dockyard; The installations entitled ‘If The Walls Had Ears’ and ‘Sonic Memories” explore the history of the fort through the mediums of sound and image.

‘If The Walls Had Ears’ explores the specific histories of points of interest in the tunnels and Air Raid Precaution centre, through fixed found and archival sound, as well as synthesis, creating a dualistic temporal space using the present to reflect many pasts. It is as if the tunnels are neuronal passageways in the cacophony of a brain. Curated by Thomas Graves, produced by Greg Hummell and conceptualised by Luke Margetts.

‘Sonic Memories’, in the lighter part of the the tunnels uses video material as well as sound to represent a more conscious level of processing. It explores a more general history of the fort and introduces a controlled multimodality. Produced by Philippa Hardiman, Daniel Stephens, Mikey Pavlou and Ryan Daniels.

These projects are produced by third year music, popular music, and music technology students at the School of Music and Fine Art at the University of Kent.

For more information, see their website: www.excavatingsound.com or Twitter @excavatingsound, or their sound and music page: http://www.soundandmusic.org/thesampler/event/2015/04/excavating-sound

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