Survived – Chatham Clinic – Open 19th May 2013

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Chatham Clinic - Open 19th May 2013

The clinic will be open in Chatham on May the 19th 2013. Book at

A unique theatre experience is taking place at Sun Pier House, Chatham, on the 19th May.

Entitled “Survived”, the event is described as “site responsive interactive theatre”, which means you as the audience get to walk around the performance taking place throughout the building, and engage with the performers.

Set in the distant present, Survived is a clinic for people who have survived a nuclear explosion and need treatment for their radiation poisoning caused by fallout. You, the visitor, are in this case, the patient needing help.

This is the perfect opportunity to see how empty space can be used for unique types of theatre, as well as an example of collaboration within the community. The event is aimed to be inspiring and educational. 

Expect gas masks, steampunk and bizarre medical instruments.

Survival wear is optional.

There are two clinics, one at 7.30pm and one at 8.30pm. Each clinic lasts 45 minutes.

Tickets cost £5 and must be pre-booked at

Disabled access disclaimer: Unfortunately, due to the current nature of the building in use, we are unable to provide access to this event for the disabled.

Call Out For Actors, Actresses, Artists and Geeks – Site Responsive Theatre Event – Medway

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Photo by Alexey Grachev

Photo by Alexey Grachev

I love alternative art in unusual places. I also love interactive art. For a few years now I have been knocking around the idea of organising my own site responsive theatre event in Medway, and have talked to a few people about it. I have held a few sciencey and geek events, and I think I have a better idea of how to do this now.

Having seen the amazing Dreamthinkspeak’s “In The Beginning Was The End” in Somerset house yesterday, it has pushed me to bite the bullet and put a call out to people who want to be involved in my idea.

This first stage is an experiment, I will be learning along with everyone else. The basic idea is to throw visitors to the theatre into a really weird unusual setting, in which they will be given a tour by actors and meet some unusual characters.

If you do not know what site responsive theatre is – please watch this:

I need the following types of people to make it happen.

  • Actors/actresses
  • Artists
  • People who love science

Things I need

  • Any weird unusual equipment you are happy to loan out. From computers to lighting.
  • Unusual art  linked with science, medicine and technology.

I can not guarantee how much people will be paid, but it will be ticketed which will pay for the space and if we encourage enough people to come we can generate some funds for all those volunteering – I just can’t guarantee how much.

Things to note:

  • The space will be in Medway
  • It will take place on a weekend evening.
  • It will be held in late May.

Please email me at if you want to make this happen. Who’s with me?