Crying For a Dream – Video Installation – 28th June 2014 – Sun Pier House – Chatham

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Crying for a Dream – Kent based video and performance artist Nikolai Deaves brings vision quests to the 21st Century. 

Artist and filmmaker Nikolai Deaves will be exhibiting an interactive installation from The Lost Rites collective on Saturday 28th June from 6:30-10:00pm at Sun Pier House, Chatham.

Kent based artist and filmmaker Nikolai Deaves, a 2011 graduate from the University for the Creative Arts, will be exhibiting his cinematic style of performance art at Sun Pier House on the 28th of June. The artist who calls his second home Taiwan, has also worked across the hostile borders of Jordan performing his latest series The Lost Rites. His filmic and narrative performance work investigates themes of grief, identity and culture; looking at the absence of particular rituals in western cultures, the artist investigates their significance in being human.

Crying for a Dream, the fourth work in his series, follows a journey beginning at the coastline of Folkestone where the artist was left blindfolded. Over a gruelling 30 hours, Nikolai Deaves walked back to Rochester with a map and compass in hand. The performance piece, which was designed by social media, took responses through twitter and the artist’s website to design a vision quest and a pilgrimage for a 21st coming of age rite of passage. With the artist foraging for food, walking barefoot and submerging into the icy seas of the English Chanel, this interactive performance work reflects on societies disconnect to growing older.

Nikolai said, “This work really came from reconnecting with friends over social media, as we all struggled to grasp the next steps in our lives. Many of us attempt to mark the next rite of passage in our life by showing pictures of children, houses and cars. Success in adulthood was measured by money, coming of age seemed to no longer be ritualised explicitly by the community.”

He continues, “Aging in our culture is now seen as a negative, we hide our wrinkles and deny our wisdom. Direction in life is obscured by the myth of adulthood, no longer is this openly taught, made time for and acknowledged. Instead humanity forge on as grown children crying for a dream, lusting for a vision to show them their purpose.”

Documentation of the performance, which lasted over 30 hours, will be screened at Sun Pier House on the 28th of June. Doors will be opening at 6:30 with an opportunity to to view ‘Challenge 25’, a live and interactive performance piece by London based guest artist Andrea Morris. Sun Pier House’s Tea Room will also be open for a chance to grab a drink before the screening of Crying for a Dream at 7:30. Later on in the evening there will be a Q&A with both of the exhibiting artists.

‘Crying for a Dream’ takes place on Saturday 28th June from 6.30-10.00pm at Sun Pier House in Chatham, which can be found at Medway St, Chatham, Kent ME4 4HF

For more information please visit or check out Nikolai Deaves’ Twitter feed.




BESPOKE – Designer and Maker Fair – Apply to Exhibit – Medway

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Bespoke is a new international designer and maker fair being launched in Chatham, Kent. The 2014 event is the pilot of this new event in Medway offering designers, makers and artists a free opportunity to showcase their work to the public.

Artists from across England and France are being invited to apply, with the selection process hoping to create a diverse range of work on show. Coinciding with the Chatham day of the Fuse Festival the Fair will provide an added opportunity for visitors to the Festival to experience art and meet designers.  

The Fair is free for the public to enter.


The outdoor fair will take place alongside the new creative venue Sun Pier House, in an area of the Sun Wharf car park; Medway Street, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4HF. Sun Pier House hosts a large public gallery, tearoom, artist studios and office space for creative industries.


Applications are invited across the UK and France from individual makers and craft based businesses. We require a CV and artist statement along with 3 representative images of work clearly labelled with title, medium and size. JPEGS are preferred. We accept applications by email and post. We will reply to all applicants to acknowledge your application. The selection process will be taken seriously and we will notify all applicants of our decision by Monday 2 June 2014.


Applications are invited any time before 5pm on Monday 9th June 2014.


As part of the 2014 pilot event all pitches are offered for FREE to successful applicants. We will provide;

  • One gazebo cover with sides, approximately 3m x 3m per exhibitor

  • Two tables and one chair for each exhibitor

Trading hours are 11am – 5pm; stallholders can gain access from 8am on the day to set up.

Stallholders must supply any other equipment required for their stall. Note: there are no power sockets or additional lighting.

Vehicles can unload/ load in the car park alongside their pitch and vehicles will be moved out of sight. One parking space will be provided per exhibitor.


As part of the pilot scheme we are also offering all applicants the opportunity to attend a series of practical workshop aimed at small creative business. Topics covered throughout the course will be;

  • Work selection for fairs
  • How to present and display your work
  • How to price your work
  • Talking to the public and selling you work
  • Basic book-keeping and small business finance systems
  • Social media and marketing plans

The training will take place throughout the summer. Tailored to the feedback from exhibitors at Bespoke.


We prefer email communication where possible. If you have any questions please contact Heather Burgess, Event Coordinator, on If you are unable to use email or have an urgent enquiry please contact Heather on 07545 642 581. Office hours are Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm.


  • All work must be original and by the exhibitor

  • Makers cannot sublet their space or any part of it to another party or maker without prior permission.

  • Makers cannot display work or services other than that which they stated in their application.

  • You are responsible for your own insurance for you work. We recommend joining a-n/ AIR.

  • All work displayed should ideally be for sale.

  • A few cards and postcards can be displayed and sold but must not dominate the space.


Bespoke 2014 is part of the Recreate project, selected under the European Cross-border Cooperation Programme INTERREG IV A France (Channel) – England, co-funded by the ERDF



Rats Bay Shindig – Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th April 2014 – Chatham

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 Rats Bay poster

A new family friendly extravaganza is taking place on the first weekend of the Easter Holidays. On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th April the area surrounding Sun Pier in Chatham will come alive with a large celebration of arts and culture.

Between 11am and 5pm each day the weekend is host to variety of special art events and festivities. In the past 2 years the Medway art scene has seen a massive boom of activity and there is certainly a lot to celebrate in the west end of Chatham.

Overlooking the pier, Sun Pier House is opening the doors to the new Sun Pier Gallery and Tearoom for the first time. Launching with a large exhibition of work by the 15 resident artists; ‘Presenting, Sun Pier House’ incorporates a variety of art, craft and fashion. With panoramic river views the 2nd floor Gallery and Tearoom is set to become a scenic retreat in the busy town centre.

The weekend witnesses the launch of the first charter boat trips in a generation from the newly refurbished Sun Pier, with the Sailing Barge Edith May and Jetstream Tours providing unique River experiences for all ages.

The weekend will also mark the inaugural Sun Pier Arts Market, a new outdoor market that is set to take place regularly throughout the year. Stallholders will be offering a variety of work to buy, food to sample, activities to try and classic carnival games for all the family.

The Rats Bay Shindig has been instigated by the managers of new creative venue Sun Pier House, with the intention to bring some much needed life back to the west end of Chatham High Street. Over the course of the two days there is a full spectrum of entertainment on offer. Including; art workshops, live music performances, river trips, dance classes, exhibitions, history tours, evening functions and a Sunday night cult film screening.

A weekend not to be missed!

Survived – Chatham Clinic – Open 19th May 2013

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Chatham Clinic - Open 19th May 2013

The clinic will be open in Chatham on May the 19th 2013. Book at

A unique theatre experience is taking place at Sun Pier House, Chatham, on the 19th May.

Entitled “Survived”, the event is described as “site responsive interactive theatre”, which means you as the audience get to walk around the performance taking place throughout the building, and engage with the performers.

Set in the distant present, Survived is a clinic for people who have survived a nuclear explosion and need treatment for their radiation poisoning caused by fallout. You, the visitor, are in this case, the patient needing help.

This is the perfect opportunity to see how empty space can be used for unique types of theatre, as well as an example of collaboration within the community. The event is aimed to be inspiring and educational. 

Expect gas masks, steampunk and bizarre medical instruments.

Survival wear is optional.

There are two clinics, one at 7.30pm and one at 8.30pm. Each clinic lasts 45 minutes.

Tickets cost £5 and must be pre-booked at

Disabled access disclaimer: Unfortunately, due to the current nature of the building in use, we are unable to provide access to this event for the disabled.