Photography Project – “A Year In The Life Of” – Canterbury Faversham and Sheppey

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The “Year In The Life Of” photography project returns for 2011, this time also extending to include Canterbury and Sheppey. The project aims to capture a year in the life of each area and present 365 photographs, one for each day of 2011.

The project will represent the three areas as they are today, showing the different views, styles and feelings that each photographer brings to the project. Photographs will feature people and places as seen by those who live or work there. The project will capture some hidden aspects too, activities that not everyone notices or gets a chance to see. The images will create a diary for today and a record for the future.

The organisers are building communities of local photographers in all three locations to photograph each day of the year 2011 from 1st January to 31st December, for books to be published and exhibitions to be organised in 2012. The challenge has already attracted a number of keen contributors and the organisers are now making a call to local people to take part as well.

 Anybody can join and take photographs, amateurs or professionals. The project is about community, and it’s about showing each area as seen by its people, so the variety of contributors is essential to show different views.

 The project hasn’t yet received the funds that it needs, and the organisers will be looking for financial support in the coming weeks. If any local businesses would be interested in supporting parts of the project along the way (material costs, sponsorship etc) this would be really welcomed. For more information please contact the relevant area project manager….

For more information please visit

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