Artists in the Woods – Sunday 8th July 2012 – Oare Gunpowder Works Country Park – Faversham – Kent

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The Swale Arts Forum are happy  to be organising this years GREEN EVENT in association with the Friends of Oare Gunpowder works, Swale Borough Councils Park Dept and Groundworks Medway .

Artists booked in:

BIG Fish
The Gunpowder Works x5
Los Salvadores
Swale Sings
Tel Tyler
Ken Rowles
Mark Thatcher
Sheppey and Sittingbourne Writers
Sioux Peto – Litter Angels
Dean Tweedy
Polka Dot Arts
Val Tyler
Colin Barnard
Nick Stewart
Daniel Nash
Andrew Parker
DaniArt photography
Marvellous Murals- facepainting

Friends of Oare

Swale Arts Forum

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Two Mopeds, The English Countryside And A DSLR – By George Langridge

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I decided, in all of my wisdom that a road trip on 50cc mopeds would be a good idea. Fortunately my friend is as ‘bonkers mad’ as I am, so we headed off in the strong winds and occasional down pour.

The Route

When I said, “Let’s go for a road trip on our mopeds”, I didn’t think we would have ended up where we did. We left Chatham and headed to Pluckley, from there to Ashford, then on to Hythe, Dymnchurch – where it became too windy to continue – and then turned back through Hythe, to Folkestone. Here we decided to plan our route back to Chatham, which went through Canterbury, Faversham, Sittingbourne and Rainham.

The Pictures

I thought I’d start with the trusty 50cc mopeds that carried us along our mega-sized road trip.

The trusty vehicles.

This picture was taken outside of Pluckley, where I got us lost – again. This picture captures the awesomeness of our road trip, these little mopeds only have 50cc (the grey one has 49cc) engines, which is no more than 40mph managed to carry us over 70 miles (taking into account the bendy country roads, and getting lost) without breaking down or exploding. So, yeah, we held up a huge amount of traffic, sorry. I chose the de-saturated look because I thought it really shows how exhausted this mammoth trip made us, especially our backs, and numb behinds.

This has a cool story.

Coming along one stretch of road we noticed it was very quiet, so we pulled over and I grabbed my camera. If you look at her face you can see she is looking at me and something in the distance. I am in the middle of the road, on one knee with camera in hand. Behind me is mister trillion tonne lorry… It could have turned out worse I guess. Other than this you can clearly see the enjoyment that accompanied this trip.

*Note to self/photographers – Do NOT stand/kneel in the middle of a road to take a photograph*

If not a little windy.

Just outside of Folkstone we pulled up next to the beach to stretch our legs. I think it is safe to say it was a little windy, which explains the cutting off of the side mirrors (flags and other things where in the way). With this photograph I decided to keep it a little dark and gloomy, to keep with the sky and show the weather. Although I added a little colour to really show the colourfulness of my helmet, yes I wear a bright, ‘hello, look at me.’ helmet.

All in all the day was truly enjoyable and I would love to do it again, although maybe on a 125cc or 600cc and maybe in the sun and heat.

For other photographs and the full resolution versions of these pictures, go to my Flickr stream –

Also check out my Twitter and Instagram : @georgelangridge

I am still on the hunt for any volunteer models to model for a few hours, to help improve my portrait photography.

George Langridge

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Swale Borough Council supports ‘A Year in the Life’ in Faversham and Sheppey

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Through the Swale Arts Grant, Swale Borough Council has agreed to support the community photographic projects which are being run in Faversham and on the Isle of Sheppey. The award of £1000 will enable the organisers from Kent Creative Arts CIC to set up quality exhibitions in both areas around September 2012.

Photography Project – “A Year In The Life Of” – Canterbury Faversham and Sheppey

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The “Year In The Life Of” photography project returns for 2011, this time also extending to include Canterbury and Sheppey. The project aims to capture a year in the life of each area and present 365 photographs, one for each day of 2011.

Creek Creative Art’s Centre – Faversham

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The ‘Creek Creative’ initiative is about forming a productive, commercially-viable, art and design community within Faversham town centre, by providing affordable studios, workshops, public exhibition space, and extended facilities, to meet an identified local demand.