Devon in Bloom – By George Langridge


Devon In Bloom

Last week I found myself in Devon, although a little overcast.

This first picture is just a quirky shot that I took one evening in the car, I think you will like it.

On a rather long tedious car journey I decided to fiddle with my camera, as aways, and this is what I came up with. I dropped the shutter speed just below what it should have ideally been, especially for a handheld movement shot. I set a wide aperture, held steady and shot with a timer. I am particularly surprised that this shot actually worked at all. In post production all I did was drive the blacks, add some vibrancy and drown the highlights.

This loverly little flower was found in the Eden project’s Mediterranean dome. Whilst still sweating from the rainforest dome, I placed my camera to my eye – rather uncomfortably I should add – and took a number of shots, trying to get them just perfect. This shot, in my opinion, is absolutely beautiful. It is so crisp and vibrant – although that is not usually my editing style – strangely with no bokeh in the background. In post I only increased the vibrancy, crushed the blacks and tinted the whites. I really do like the shot and would love anyone’s opinion on how I could improve my photography further.

You would be forgiven for thinking I have just come back from a rainforest somewhere. This little set up was in the rainforest dome at the Eden project. If I am honest I didn’t really like the RAW image when I imported it to my mac. However, after dropping the blacks, warming it up and dulling the highlights I grew a little attached to this image.

To see more photographs in their glorious high resolution, check out my Flickr.

I am currently facing a couple of issues, firstly I have reached my outright limit for my Flickr account and as a student cannot afford to upgrade my account. Does anyone know of any suitable and similar sites that I can showcase my photography on?

I am always open to criticisms, so please, if you can see where I can improve, do not hesitate to let me know. I am also up for  doing group shoots and photowalks, if this is of interest to anyone, let me know. I am contemplating on running a photography day; this will include a short photo-walk, a tutorial on editing in Lightroom and a group photo editing session. This has the possibility for some of the best/most interesting work to be displayed to the group and maybe even in an article.



Twitter/Instagram: @georgelangridge

All image copyrights belong to George Langridge.

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Take A Little Trip – By George Langridge


I did have an amazing set of photographs set for this article, however, my laptop decided to die on me. I have decided to use these photographs as they show some amazing sights and it is an insight to my childhood.

A few months ago I took a trip to the north of Wales with my grand-parents. As always I had my camera by my side. So much countryside and fresh air, always good for the lungs.

Wait, Why Is It So Cold Up Here?

 I decided that I would take a walk after dinner – got me out of washing up. Next to where we where staying was a mountain that I used to always climb and walk when I was a kid. This time I had a camera, so I could remember what it looked like – some day I won’t get to go again. All I had on me was a 18-55mm lens, not great for landscapes, but what a view.

Near where we stay is a town called Barmouth, I’d say it is the main town in that area. Connecting the two sides of the estuary is this old rail and foot bridge, as I was walking down to cross it I looked in to my viewfinder and immediately shot this. I believe this bridge is roughly 1 mile long. I just love the detail in this photograph, when I was editing it I noticed there is actually a man walking on the mountain in the background.

This particular image is available to purchase HERE along with a few other pieces of my work although I do vary which images are available from time to time. I have also submitted it to the BBC’s Countryfile competition.

Further down the path I took this quick photograph, although I wish I had spent more time composing it. I think it shows how long it actually is. I went for the de-saturated look as it complemented the previous photograph and it kind of showed the bridge’s age and time. If I had properly framed this I think it would have been ‘awesome’.

For the full resolution photographs and more visit my Flickr. If you like any of my photographs and would like to purchase a print copy email me at:

Twitter/Instagram: @georgelangridge

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Creatabot Creatives Competition 2012 + Exhibition Open For Submissions

Creative Opportunities

Creatabot Creatives Competition is open to all creatives in the UK.

The brief for 2012 is “Gadgets and Gizmos”.

There are 6 categories for the competition:

Short Film


Fine Art



Mixed Media 

(for anything creative that does not fall into the above categories)

Entries will be judged by the following Creatabot contributors:

A winner will be selected from each category and presented with a “Creatabot Creative of 2012” plaque.

Appropriate work will be put on exhibition for the whole of December 2012 at Strood library, Kent. 

To enter please upload your work or an image of your work to

By 19th November 2012

If you have any issue with uploading please send your work to

Terms and conditions: Entries must be received by 1st November. Judges cannot enter. You can enter as many pieces as you want to into multiple categories.

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Garden Adventures – By George Langridge

Creative and Art Events

This week I found myself a little busy with coursework, however I decided I would see what I could find in the garden. I was actually surprised at how pretty some of the things -that I take for granted- in the garden are.

Gardening, It’s Not For Me

I started out looking -with distracting hay fever- for little insects and quirks. This is what I found.

Green Bug

As soon as I stepped out of the door I noticed this little insect on the bush next to the window. I took this picture from about three or four different angles but decided to stick with this one as it is almost at eye level (from creatures perspective, as I’m not 2ft tall). I like this photograph because even though this insect is the same colour as the leaf the contrast -pumped in post- really makes it stand out. I also like the way it is a captured moment in this creature’s life.

Little Figure

Although this photograph isn’t artsy or particularly impressive in any way, I do like it. This is because it is actually cutely hidden in the garden, also it is fairly cute. In post-production I pumped the clarity and popped the blacks to add a bit of ‘pow’ to what was a terribly bland photograph.

Pretty Hidden Flower

I decided that I would look around the back of the bushes and in obscure places. I then found this flower and was amazed that the dog hadn’t yet chewed on it. I was tempted to make this black and white but then because it was sunny in the garden – I was sat on the bench editing- I thought it just had to be vibrant. As I gain experience with a DSLR I continue to be amazed at what my little 18-55mm -f/3.5- kit lens can actually do. I guess I am still amazed by depth of field.

To see the full resolution images and my other photographs check out my Flickr.

I am currently looking for people willing to allow me photograph them candid. This would entail them doing what they do -ie. Working in a workshop/studio/kitchen- and have me photographing them doing it. If you would be willing to do this or model for portraits get in touch with me at or on twitter @georgelangridge .

Twitter/Instagram: @georgelangridge

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Two Mopeds, The English Countryside And A DSLR – By George Langridge

Creative and Art Events

I decided, in all of my wisdom that a road trip on 50cc mopeds would be a good idea. Fortunately my friend is as ‘bonkers mad’ as I am, so we headed off in the strong winds and occasional down pour.

The Route

When I said, “Let’s go for a road trip on our mopeds”, I didn’t think we would have ended up where we did. We left Chatham and headed to Pluckley, from there to Ashford, then on to Hythe, Dymnchurch – where it became too windy to continue – and then turned back through Hythe, to Folkestone. Here we decided to plan our route back to Chatham, which went through Canterbury, Faversham, Sittingbourne and Rainham.

The Pictures

I thought I’d start with the trusty 50cc mopeds that carried us along our mega-sized road trip.

The trusty vehicles.

This picture was taken outside of Pluckley, where I got us lost – again. This picture captures the awesomeness of our road trip, these little mopeds only have 50cc (the grey one has 49cc) engines, which is no more than 40mph managed to carry us over 70 miles (taking into account the bendy country roads, and getting lost) without breaking down or exploding. So, yeah, we held up a huge amount of traffic, sorry. I chose the de-saturated look because I thought it really shows how exhausted this mammoth trip made us, especially our backs, and numb behinds.

This has a cool story.

Coming along one stretch of road we noticed it was very quiet, so we pulled over and I grabbed my camera. If you look at her face you can see she is looking at me and something in the distance. I am in the middle of the road, on one knee with camera in hand. Behind me is mister trillion tonne lorry… It could have turned out worse I guess. Other than this you can clearly see the enjoyment that accompanied this trip.

*Note to self/photographers – Do NOT stand/kneel in the middle of a road to take a photograph*

If not a little windy.

Just outside of Folkstone we pulled up next to the beach to stretch our legs. I think it is safe to say it was a little windy, which explains the cutting off of the side mirrors (flags and other things where in the way). With this photograph I decided to keep it a little dark and gloomy, to keep with the sky and show the weather. Although I added a little colour to really show the colourfulness of my helmet, yes I wear a bright, ‘hello, look at me.’ helmet.

All in all the day was truly enjoyable and I would love to do it again, although maybe on a 125cc or 600cc and maybe in the sun and heat.

For other photographs and the full resolution versions of these pictures, go to my Flickr stream –

Also check out my Twitter and Instagram : @georgelangridge

I am still on the hunt for any volunteer models to model for a few hours, to help improve my portrait photography.

George Langridge

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Life Powered By Caffeine and Other Things That Inspire Me – By George Langridge


I thought I would share with you what inspires me to photograph. Also I thought I would tell you what my personal photographic interests are.

What Makes My Mind Tick

When I am out shooting (imagine it now, a mop headed teenager with a Nikon strap) I am inspired by a huge variety of things. These things change depending on what I am shooting – if shooting to a brief or challenging myself -. If I am shooting street photography I grab my inspiration from people and the streets around me.

Space and Stall.

This shot I took in Camden Market sums up my street inspiration almost perfectly, notice the small details on his desk. Also his little hiding spot. I thought this was a great shot, personally. The shot kind of incorporates this man’s culture and habits/way of life as well as this 1/250th of a second.

My main influence is people and animals. I mean, every person that walks past must have a story. What has just happened to them? Where are they going? Where have they just come from? I think I have developed a huge number of scripts/story outlines based on this curiosity.

What’s his story?

This image really shows my inspiration in people. I think I actually planned a script around this particular cyclist. This man must have a story, similar to this photo. Other than my usual inspirations I had started a competition with a friend, to see who could get the most candid photos – I think I won. My favourite part to this photograph other than the man on the bike (well framed if I say so myself ) is the people walking along the path behind him, I think it reminds you that it is real life and that life continues outside of the image.

My inspiration does not stop at people and animals, I am also inspired by beauty and interpretative beauty.

Interpretative beauty.

I would class this image as interpretative beauty because it has no immediate subject -as such- and it is something that most people over look. In reality I believe that the little things are just as beautiful as the bigger things.

Give Me A Choice

Personally, I love to photograph people, not portraits, more candid and street. I really enjoy the rush and context of a candid and street photograph. It is also a great way to kill a few hours watching people without just watching.

I was recently given an old Pentax MX (35mm film) which I have only just found some batteries for, now I am itching to get it in to my kit bag and shoot. With its 50mm prime lens, I think it will be coming to London with me next time. If you have any suggestions on good places to shoot candid or street, get in touch or leave a comment.


I am looking to improve my portrait photography, if you are interested in being a model for a day drop me a tweet – Medway Towns Only.

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Somehow Education-like – By George Langridge


We Don’t Need No Education

This week I went to my local country park to meet with a fellow photographer. However, she wanted me to teach her to shoot in manual. So my theme was ‘Education’.

 So here are a few of my favorites from the trip. The rest are on my Flickr in beautiful full resolution.

One of mine.

We went walking around some huge wooded areas and fields looking for some good shots. First of all I took some sample images, this one was hidden amongst some leaves and branches. This is the first time I have consciously looked for small insects, I actually am amazed by the idea of these little creatures going about their day hidden away from us. I think this ties in well with the next picture.

This is one from my ‘pupil for the day’.

This picture actually amazed me this morning when I -finally- got to editing. The only thing that let the RAW file down was the exposure, which was changed during post. This is one of those shots that if you blink you miss, which I guess is what drew me to this particular image. I think Kudos go to my ‘pupil for the day’ on this one. I’d love to get your opinion on this photograph.

Another from my ‘pupil for a day’.

The origional RAW file seemed almost pointless, until I imported it in to Lightroom, where I had a play with the levels. This shows that my ‘pupil for a day’ can really think outside of the box and through to post production. I am excited to see what she does with it in her edit. This was another one which was a little ‘iffy’ as regards exposure, but I really ‘dig’ the feel of it.

My pupil for a day was – Hanna Havoc

Next weeks theme is ‘RoadTrip’, another friend and I will be riding along the A20 towards Ashford via villages such as Pluckley, Kent.


Attribution-NonCommercial-Sharealike (CC-BY-NC-SA) George Langridge

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Half An Hour At The Beach – Photography Feature By George Langridge


Every Friday I go out and take some photographs, usually based around a theme. My original theme this week was ‘anti-fun’, however this week I found myself at the beach with my camera, and no tripod. This is a far cry from the ‘anti-fun’ theme I was supposed to be basing my shooting around. So here are a few of my favourites from the trip. The rest are on my Flickr in beautiful full resolution.

Half An Hour At The Beach

By George Landridge

As I was walking along the path just off of the shingle, I noticed this little plant growing from the cement. I was almost amazed at how out of place this little group of plants looked. Just after I took this photograph a gentleman stood flat on the plant which must count as anti-fun, no?

Further along the beach I saw this sign, instantly it was ‘anti-fun’. Also further back I had seen a dead fish so it was almost ironic. I love the way that the sign points down along the length of the beach, and as you look further down the beach it looks ever more out of focus.

As we were walking along my sister found this little shell, which I instantly stole and took a photograph of, in that way that I do. This image shows everything to love about abandoned beaches; the wood, stones, sand and shells. The warmth of the photograph also makes the beach seem nicer than it actually was. In that half an hour the light changed very quickly.

Next weeks theme is “Education” – in which I will be teaching a fellow photographer how to use manual mode on a DSLR.

All full resolution photographs from “Half An Hour On The Beach are here.

By George Langridge


Attribution-NonCommercial-Sharealike (CC-BY-NC-SA) George Langridge

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Introducing A New Contributor – George Langridge


George Langridge is a creative from Kent. He will be writing about various subjects that inspire him as well as talking about his own work, including photography.

So you’re studying media at the moment, specialising in what area? 

I am studying creative media production, which covers most areas. I personally specialise in development (including pre-production) and production. What can I say, I am full of creative ideas.
Do you plan to study any other creative subjects?
I would love to study photography, but my focus at the moment is finishing media at college and going to university to learn even more about media. One day you could be calling me doctor.

Who inspires you both locally and universally?

Inspiration… If I am honest, every single person I walk past inspires me in some way. Every single conversation inspires me to do something. For example the other day I wrote a comedy sketch based upon a conversation and a short film based on a passer-by.

What would you like to achieve in the future?

Provided we are still here after 12/12/12, I would like to make a couple of films or documentaries. After that I wouldn’t mind teaching media at college level. I like writing too so let’s see what happens. 

Can you recommend a creative website you love?

Actually, I think I can recommend about three. I love to read a site called Froknowsfoto , also Creatabot is almost a staple for me as it is crammed full of loads of cool content. Finally, I really like DigitalRevTV, the presenter, Kai, is really funny.  

We look forward to reading your articles George! Thank you for writing for us!

George has his own blog at and is on Twitter @georgelangridge

and Flckr

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