The Red List

Creative Communities and Inspiring Websites

This site is a huge aggregation of the web’s cultural treasures, more than 100,000 images, thousands of profiles in cinema, fashion, photography, illustration, design and more. The site aims to build bridges between the past and the present, as well as between different artistic disciplines.

The Red List is like a big trends book.

It is entirely free & non profit.

When did the Red List launch?
On the 17th of January 2012

Who launched it?
Delphine de Canecaude, a Paris-based art director and a photography
expert, and The Red List Team

What is it’s fundamental aim?
To give free access to visual culture to all image seekers of the
world; to design a trend book building bridges between contemproray
trends and historical references
Basically, The Red List is a Non-for-Profit web-based “cahier de
tendance”, a source of inspiration.
It is based on the idea of online appropriability of the works of art.
It showcases works and images that are already available elsewhere
online, lists them to give them a new meaning and sense.
It aims at raising the profile of artists and making visual culture
available to all.

Here is a short text about the genesis of TRL:

In the beginning of the Red List was Delphine de Canecaude, a creative
director in advertising and PR, who found that it was taking forever to
uncover and track down new photographers, illustrators and artists for
that campaign for such or such a brand. So she began dreaming of a way
that some order might be brought to all the images out there, a way to
evaluate them and give them some sort of perspective. And so the Red
List was born. The project began to grow as list was added to list,
discipline to discipline, and Delphine thought that, to respond to her
original need, she’d be better off creating something online. So she
hired people, recruited experts, but really things were carried along by
friends and kindred spirits. Ideas were discussed; new themes and images
uncovered; articles were written; and slowly a dream took shape that
envisaged a day when anybody would be able to see all that content and
even get involved in it.

That dream became a reality on January 17,
So to the question, “Who’s behind the Red List?”, we can answer,
without any false modesty, that it’s Delphine and her friends, a
passionate, curious and creative gang, eager to build bridges and keep
their eyes wide open, day after day.

The Red list is open to anyone who wishes to
contribute to editorials. More here:

Area – Nationwide

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