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Medway Visions Film Festival is back!

  Medway Visions is back and it needs your films! Medway Visions promotes independent filmmaking from around the world but a big emphasis will be placed on local upcoming filmmakers … Continue reading

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Transmit:Project – Are you the next big thing?

Are you a musician/filmmaker/artist/photographer/organisation etc who would like more people to know about your work and what you do? Perhaps you always wanted to know what musicians/filmmakers/artists/photographers etc live and … Continue reading

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New film festival for Medway

Call for entries for new Medway Film Festival called ‘Medway Visions’ Medway Visions is a new film festival for Medway and it needs YOUR films.  Medway Visions will promote independent … Continue reading

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Wild Whispers: Diary of a Filmmaker – Episode 2

You won’t need telling how important social networking is to filmmaking these days.  It has become an essential tool of the trade.  Facebook is great for getting friends and friends … Continue reading

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Wild Whispers: The Diary of a Filmmaker – Episode 1

It dawned on my fairly recently what a long hard struggle it is being an independent artist, possible more so being an independent filmmaker.  I thought, if only I REALLY … Continue reading

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A Medway Vision Special – Why Medway Needs a Film Festival

Yes, I know.  I’m a filmmaker.  It’d be strange if I DIDN’T want a film festival in Medway.  But the fact is, Medway needs a film festival and what’s more … Continue reading

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A Medway Vision 9 – Capturing Reality

Over the course of these articles one name keeps popping up.  So many times I would ask an artist to send a picture of themselves and time after time the … Continue reading

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A Medway Vision 8: Monster Ambition

It’s so often not just about the talent.  It’s about work rate too.  The distinctive artistic blossoming of the Medway Towns, that vibrant feeling that something special is happening, the … Continue reading

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A Medway Vision 7 – Broken Genius

What’s in a name?  A mask?  Identity?  Hailing from Rainham, Medway musician and painter Lupen Crook is, quite simply, captivating.   Lupen Crook is not his real name of course.  It’s … Continue reading

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A Medway Vision 6 – Elusive Images

Rochester is beautiful.  We all know that.  The historical buildings, the river scene; it’s all been photographed and painted so many times and rightly so.  There is a photographer in … Continue reading

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A Medway Vision 5 – Preserving Pop

Some places in the world are defined by music labels that, somehow, managed to capture a moment in pop history.  Think Motown (Detroit), Sub-Pop (Seattle) and Factory (Manchester) and, well, … Continue reading

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A Medway Vision 4 – Blues Misadventures

You probably think you know what blues music sounds like.  You’ve probably seen lots of bands in pubs with a blues-based sound.  You know the sort of thing, tribute acts; … Continue reading

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A Medway Vision 3 – Authentic Legend

Every now and then you hear of someone who should be more well-known than they are. Medway painter and poet Bill Lewis is one of them.  I’m not talking about … Continue reading

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A Medway Vision 2 – Spontaneous Soundscapes

Since my first article I have been absolutely overwhelmed by people recommending talented creative people to me, or people agreeing with me about the Medway independent scene.  It does indeed … Continue reading

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A Medway Vision: Words and Sounds

Let me explain myself. I’m an independent filmmaker living in Rochester. Over the course of, well, however long they allow me to write these articles, I’m going to highlight one … Continue reading

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