Sky Academy Arts Scholarships – now open to applications!

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Sky Academy are currently offering five £30,000 bursaries for emerging artists aged 18-30 through Sky Academy Arts Scholarships.

Sky Academy Arts Scholarships are open to artists aged 18-30 and are designed to help emerging talent from a range of disciplines to develop their work and take their careers to the next level.

In addition to financial support, winners are paired with business and creative mentors from Sky and their industry. There are five £30,000 scholarships available, open to UK and Ireland-based artists working in the following fields:

  • Creative producing
  • Performing Arts
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Visual arts
  • Creative writing

Find out more and apply by 26 February 2015 at

Creatabot Creative Of The Year 2014 – Nominations Open!

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It has been 2 years, YES TWO YEARS since the last Creatabot Creative of The Year Award. Wow, that is pretty crazy. The amount that myself and Richard Jeferies (the first winner!) have worked on since has been amazing. We teamed up for the site responsive theatre piece “Survived” at Sun Pier House, before it was brilliantly refurbished, and then Richard managed to get the role of creating the Chatham Mural, which was an incredible project! It was a 2 week project and now everyone in Chatham gets to see his work and the work created by over 200 people, which was curated and designed by Richard. This is literally 2 of so so many projects Richard has worked on. I don’t think I can list all the work he has been doing!

So, here we are, the 2014 Creatabot Creative of the year award. The winner will gain a lovely glass award as well as promotion and support through Creatabot.

This time I am going to do things a bit differently. I would like  you to recommend someone to me that deserves support and recognition in their creativity. Fill in this contact form and then myself and a panel will look at all the nominations and reasons for being submitted, then a winner will be announced in December.

Terms: This is open to creatives in Kent. Closing date for nominations – 29th November.

Free creative workshops for young people in Swale

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6 Ways To Wellbeing Swale Young people

Ideas Test has been out and about over the last few months promoting their Six Ways to Wellbeing Swale project.   They’re offering an exciting programme of workshops for young people 13-19 (25 SEN) in Swale aiming to improve their sense of wellbeing through film, dance, drama, writing and creative technology.  Working with some of the most exciting arts organisations in Kent and beyond, it’s a great range of opportunities – have a look at the list below for details.

A crowd-sourced ‘wellbeing poem’ has been launched with Dan Simpson, who’s one of the workshop leaders. Get involved on Twitter with #wellbeingpoem or email The result will be broadcast during a final performance at The Avenue Theatre in Sittingbourne on December 6, which will showcase what participants have done during this project.

  • Join Codasign to make an interactive phone cover which lights up when your phone rings or to create an interactive installation.
  • Explore elements of dance and develop your dance and physical theatre skills with The Jasmin Vardimon Company.
  • The Rochester LitFest offers you the chance to have fun with poetry and spoken word – writing and performing – and learn about digital storytelling using social media.
  • Want to write, direct, act or design a TV series? These fun, exciting and hands on sessions with Viola Films will give you the chance to learn some basic film making skills and create a new Six Part Webseries.
  • Your ideas performed from scratch – Wide Eyed Theatre will help you create a story of people, place and events that make you happy!

To find out more about each workshop, visit the Six Ways To Wellbeing page at, email or call 07713 865955.

The Six Ways to Wellbeing are:

  • Connect – with family, friends, colleagues, neighbours
  • Be active – walk, run, garden, dance
  • Take notice – be curious, reflect on experiences
  • Keep learning – try something new
  • Give – doing something for others
  • Grow your world – planet care for its sustainability

Find out more about the Six Ways to Wellbeing at

The project is jointly funded by Kent County Council, Artswork and Royal Opera House Bridge.

6 Ways to Wellbeing Swale logos

Chatham Waters – Art Wall Competition – Closes 20th August 2014 – Proceed With Caution

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AED-21-XX-X-001 - REVA - Proposed Elevations

Community engagement means the community are involved in the creation of something. This project is asking for someone to design something and volunteer their artistic talents for the community – without any engagement with the community mentioned. You know, that art we all love where no one knows why it is there and so it gets destroyed or forgotten about within a short amount of time. To top it all off, you need to read a huge brief (or tender as they are often called) in order to enter this competition that gives you nothing in return, apart from you being able to look at it and say “I designed that”.

Peel Land & Properties have been working to create a vision for the future development of the 14.9 hectare Chatham Waters site which sits between Pier Road and the existing Chatham waterfront in Medway.  The vision of the Chatham Waters master plan is one of a scheme that is respectful of its context but re-energises the Chatham waterfront, creating a new vibrant quarter that relates, but does not compete with Chatham. With the completion of this scheme Chatham should see a complete renewal of its waterfront, providing a social promenade that unifies the whole of the area.


This competition offers a unique opportunity to be part of the new Chatham Waters development by creating a series of artworks that will sit along the northern edge of Phase 1 of the scheme. This will be achieved by using perforations in the specified metal panels to create an exciting graphical design along the walls. The graphical design of the metal panels should create an engaging artwork intervention which will act as an important pedestrian gateway not only to Phase 1 of the development but into the master plan development as a whole.


The artwork should draw its influences from the sites rich history, current context and the future development plans that will see the vision of the Chatham Waters delivered as a scheme that is respectful of its context but re-energises the Chatham waterfront. With the completion of this scheme Chatham should see a complete renewal of its waterfront, providing a social promenade that unifies the whole of the area.


All proposals should take into account a value for money approach to the art work ensuring that a cost effective approach to the design is taken.


The winning artist/designer will be supported by AHR Architects to help enable the design to be developed in such a way that it is implementable. As such potential applicants should be available for meetings and telephone calls throughout the construction drawing and material procurement phase of the development (even though you won’t be getting paid, because you don’t have a job do you? So your boss won’t mind!)


Applicants should refer to the information submitted for planning approval for more information on both the masterplan and phase 1 development sites. This information is available for viewing on the Medway planning portal application number MC/13/1806.


Site Visit – July 2014


Before submitting a proposal, artists are invited to attend a site visit on the Thursday 7th August 2014. At either a morning (10am) or afternoon (2pm) session. On this date interested parties will be given a tour of the site, will have the scheme explained to them in greater detail and have the opportunity to ask questions about the masterplan development as well as the competition.


To ensure you are allocated a place on this day and to receive more details about the agenda for the day please email


Initial Proposal Submission – Wednesday 20th August 2014.


Following the site visit applicants are invited to submit their proposals in electronic format by email  by Wednesday 20th August 2014

AM WATERS// Art Wall Competition Brief








Peel Land & Properties have been working to create a vision for the future development of the 14.9 hectare Chatham Waters site which sits between Pier Road and the existing Chatham waterfront.

The vision of the Chatham Waters master plan is one of a scheme that is respectful of its context but re-energises the Chatham waterfront, creating a new vibrant quarter that relates, but does not compete with Chatham. With the completion of this scheme Chatham should see a complete renewal of its waterfront, providing a social promenade that unifies the whole of the area.

+ A Place to Live.

+ A Place to Work.

+ A Place to Play.

+ A Place to meet a Friend.

Chatham Waters – Aspirations

+ To create a world class, employment led, mixed use community with a distinct sense of identity.

+ To develop Chatham in a sustainable way – environmentally, socially and economically.

+ To create a new place within Chatham which compliments the towns existing character and infrastructure.

+ To create a community which uplifts the spirits.

+ To create a deliverable project enhancing Chatham’s economic future.

The Masterplan

The master plan endeavours to achieve its aspirations in the following way –

Mending the Connections

The aim is to allow Chatham Waters to become a key destination on the waterfront, linking both the Marina to the East and Chatham Quays to the west, whilst drawing people from the University. The site should be seen as part of a much larger masterplan for the area, creating new pedestrian and cycle route links to the neighbouring Berkeley Homes development and establishing new connections through the development and integrating the site with the urban context.

Site Assets

The site has a number of natural assets. Firstly it holds a prominent position to the waterfront and dock side which should be capitalised. Secondly the site addresses Pier Road directly offering unique commercial value and access to the development.

Central Spine

The intention is to drag the commercial frontage from Pier Road into the site. This will provide both clear commercial addresses and the opportunity for a central park and destination and a key new local amenity with a ‘sense of place’.

Public Spaces

Key new public spaces have been created at each end of the proposed central Park. The spaces contain new public buildings which act as vista, framing views.

Permeability and Hierarchy

The acknowledgement of the need for both permeability and spatial hierarchy within the masterplan is fundamental. Small, medium, large and extra-large spaces have been created with complimentary functions.

Phase1 –

Phase 1 of the development is comprised of a number of works which include upgrading the infrastructure in to the site to accommodate future phases of development, the construction of a foodstore (Asda) and associated car parking, the integration of pedestrian links & public spaces including the central greenspace. Phase 1 of the Chatham Waters development achieved planning approval in 2013 and works are currently being undertaken on the site to enable the construction of the development.

The location of the foodstore affords the opportunity to develop some strong pedestrian links into both phase 1 and the wider masterplan site. The east-west links through the food store site and to the rear of the foodstore site will set a precedent for the future development of the masterplan and as such are key elements of Phase 1. The key gateway proposed to the north east corner of the food store site will link the eastern edge of the development with the new public square which will sit at the heart of the master plan. Therefore views to the northern edge of the food store site should seek to define this main pedestrian thoroughfare.

As the rear elevation of the store sits directly adjacent to this very prominent thoroughfare into the heart of the Chatham Waters development, this elevation should be active and visually interesting and should positively address the pedestrian activity within the street scape. As it is not feasible to put glazing on the rear elevation of the store at pedestrian level and as the sprinkler tank and plant facilities are located along the rear elevation, creating this active and exciting environment was a challenge.

Northern Art Wall Shared Street

The Northern East-West route is a shared street. The street has been designed to fully accommodate service vehicles accessing the rear of the superstore, and will ensure access to the future energy centre and multi-storey car park. It is our intention that this street should be a pedestrian dominated environment due to its proximity to the future ‘Wharf Area’ and Victory Pier. The street will have flush kerbs and demarcated pedestrian safe routes to ensure full accessibility. Areas of paving have been utilised along this route to visually ‘squeeze’ the perceived extent of vehicular access helping to reduce the carriageways dominance. A single row of street lighting and a street furniture ‘zone’ will help to define a ‘safe’ route along the northern edge of the street fronting the future Energy Centre, although the full width of the street will be perceived as pedestrian priority.

The chosen architectural design solution for this area makes a feature of the visible sprinkler tank and rear wall elevation. In this design, panels of vertical timber fins are interspersed between perforated metal panels. It is envisaged that these perforations could be designed in such a way to showcase artwork or specialist graphics. These patterned perforated panels would introduce activity and vibrancy to the street scene and create a unique space in keeping with the vision for the development as a whole & define it as an entrance in to the Chatham waterfront.

The series of ‘Artwork’ walls will provide a lively, inviting backdrop to the street scene, screening the supermarket service yard, making the route engaging to users and provide the street with a strong identity making it a fitting gateway in to not only Phase 1 but the future development of the Chatham waters Masterplan. It is envisaged that this art work would make a strong historical reference whilst also being future focused on the exciting and vibrant environment that the Chatham Waters development will bring.

2// Brief

This competition offers a unique opportunity to be part of the new Chatham Waters development by creating a series of artworks that will sit along the northern edge of Phase 1 of the scheme. This will be achieved by using perforations in the specified metal panels to create an exciting graphical design along the walls. The graphical design of the metal panels should create an engaging artwork intervention which will act as an important pedestrian gateway not only to Phase 1 of the development but into the master plan development as a whole.

The artwork should draw its influences from the sites rich history, current context and the future development plans that will see the vision of the Chatham Waters delivered as a scheme that is respectful of its context but re-energises the Chatham waterfront. With the completion of this scheme Chatham should see a complete renewal of its waterfront, providing a social promenade that unifies the whole of the area.

All proposals should take into account a value for money approach to the art work ensuring that a cost effective approach to the design is taken.

The winning artist/designer will be supported by AHR Architects to help enable the design to be developed in such a way that it is implementable. As such potential applicants should be available for meetings and telephone calls throughout the construction drawing and material procurement phase of the development.

Applicants should refer to the information submitted for planning approval for more information on both the masterplan and phase 1 development sites. This information is available for viewing on the Medway planning portal application number MC/13/1806.

The artwork wall metal panel imagery should be designed in line with the specified drawings, construction details and specifications attached to this brief and outlined below.–

– AED-21-XX-X-008 – External Feature Fence Details

– AED-21-XX-X-001 – REVA – Proposed Elevations

– Chatham Waters – Rear Wall Metal Cladding Specification

– AED-20-00-X-003 – REVB – Proposed Site Plan

3// Application Process

Site Visit – July 2014

Before submitting a proposal, artists are invited to attend a site visit on the Thursday 7th August 2014. At either a morning (10am) or afternoon (2pm) session. On this date interested parties will be given a tour of the site, will have the scheme explained to them in greater detail and have the opportunity to ask questions about the masterplan development as well as the competition.

To ensure you are allocated a place on this day and to receive more details about the agenda for the day please email

Initial Proposal Submission – Wednesday 20th August 2014.

Following the site visit applicants are invited to submit their proposals in electronic format by email by Wednesday 20th August 2014 to the following address. Please note the file size is limited to 25mb, for submissions with a files size greater than this please email the following address for further instructions –

Email –

Mail –

Chatham Waters Competition

AHR Architects Ltd

7 Brewery Place

Brewery Wharf

Leeds LS10 1NE

United Kingdom

Submissions should include the following –

-Name and contact details

-2 page max CV/portfolio

-Artists impression of each artwork wall as well as an overall streetscape image.

-Summary of no more than 300 words explaining the philosophy behind the artwork design.

A panel of judges made up of representatives from Medway council, Peel properties and AHR architects will assess each proposal against the requirements of the competition.

A competition winner/s should be announced WC 25th August 2014.

4// Timescales

The Timeline for the project as follows:

• July 2014 – Circulate brief.

• 7th August 2014 – Site visit open to all interested parties.

• Wednesday 20th August 2014 – Deadline for applications, judging panel to review submissions and decide upon competition winner/s.

• Spring 2015 New store construction period.

• Spring 2015 – Phase 1 Chatham Waters development completed and open to public.

Please be aware that Peel Land and Property reserve the right at any time to withdraw the competition and as such the winning (or any other) entry may not be implemented.

5// Contact Details

For further information regarding the competition please contact us at the following address –

Email –

Mail –

Chatham Waters Competition

AHR Architects Ltd

7 Brewery Place

Brewery Wharf

Leeds LS10 1NE

United Kingdom

Free Visual Merchandising Taster Workshop – 5pm on 5th July 2014 – Chatham

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cc Dave Catchpole

cc Dave Catchpole

Visual merchandising is something almost all of us struggle with. Visual merchandiser Georgina Hopwood will be hosting this taster session on visual merchandising for people running market stalls through to open studios. Feel free to bring examples of your work and she will help you maximise sales and show your goods off to the best of their advantage.

The workshop will take place at Nucleus Arts, 272 High Street, Chatham at 5pm on the 5th July.

Tickets are free – please book at –

An invitation to event volunteer training

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Would you like to volunteer at community art events but not sure what it might entail? If so, Ideas Test would like to invite you to a free volunteer training opportunity to help you help them find out more about the people coming along to their arts events.

Ask the audience

It will take place at Swale CVS in Central Avenue, Sittingbourne on Monday, July 14th from 5.30pm – 7.30pm. Ages from 14 upwards are welcome and expenses will be covered.

For all activities, particularly publicly funded art ones, knowing who comes to events and takes part in activities is crucial to making sure we involve the whole community, and important for feeding back to funders and sponsors.

The session will be run by The Audience Agency, specialists in training fieldworkers – especially volunteers attached to projects – to get the most useful feedback from audiences and participants. This session will look at asking people the right questions, in a variety of ways, from surveys to vox pops. We hope this will provide an opportunity for people in the local community to volunteer and to learn useful new skills.

If you’d like to take part, download and complete the application form and email it to: to reserve your place.

ideas test logos-01

Places Available For Gravesham Arts At Gravesend River Festival – – 19th July 2014

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Gravesham Arts have  places available for Gravesham Riverside Festival,

19th July 2014.


Gravesham Arts will be based in Fort Gardens where we have live music, dancing, singing, well lots of fabulous things to see and do


We would like you to be part of this fabulous day.


We would like you to show case your work and if appropriate encourage visitor participation, this is our first year of participation so you will need to bring your own table and gazebo/ awning as required – for future years we hope to be able to provide these, if this is the only reason you are unable participate please ask for assistance.


We are asking a £20 deposit to show your intent to attend & participate; this is fully refundable to you on the day.


In return for your participation we are pleased to offer these ten participants complimentary membership of Gravesham Arts for one year (apologies if you are already a member!)


Gravesham Arts is currently undergoing a revamp; it certainly is a very exciting time.

Some of the current benefits of membership are, the opportunity to stage a sponsored show at St Andrews Art Centre in 2015 ( 2014 is already successfully fully booked ) promotion on our new web page ( going live very soon ), vote on policies and ideas for the future of Gravesham Arts & to meet like-minded people, reduced rates of hire for St Andrews Art Centre, we are also currently working on a number of discounts to offer members ( I said we were revamping !), discounts on courses run at St Andrews, keep informed of events before they happen with more to follow soon.…


  • ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………


I should like to participate with Gravesham Arts at the Gravesham Riverside Festival 19th July 2014.







Telephone no……………………………………………………………………………………………….



Artistic skill……………………………………………………………………………………………………




  • I enclose £20 deposit, (cheques payable to Gravesham Arts Council) which I understand is fully refundable upon my participation for the day,

please send fao Claire Brown to 29 Royal Pier Road, Gravesend, DA12 2BD.

  • I should like to accept complimentary Gravesham Arts Membership for one year.


The Word Play Wagon lights the Fuse in Walderslade

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Jaye Nolan, Festival Director of the Rochester Literature Festival, has been selected by the Kent Baton to open their Sparks Fuse Festival project, One Day Works.


Jaye’s short term residence in the Baton – a vintage silver airstream caravan converted to a mobile art centre – is on Wednesday, June 4th from 11am – 6pm. It will be located outside Permark Post Office in Walderslade Village and its activities will be suitable for all ages and all abilities. No previous experience is needed, just turn up and play around with some words.

The overall title, The Word Play Wagon, reflects the diverse creative writing activities planned, including:

  • Turn over a new leaf: Add a poem, wish or favourite saying to a luggage label leaf you create and hang it on a Poetree.
  •  A Novel Experience: Bring your favourite book and write an original short piece based on its premise.
  • Hint: Writing micro fiction from as little as 10 words
  • Spoofing Medway: Write the local news as it didn’t happen
  • Mystery Collective Poems: Add a line to the one before – it’ll be the only one you can see!
  •  If and Then: A question and answer session with a difference.

With the Rochester LitFest aiming to make literature accessible to more people, Jaye is delighted to be running a free one day workshop dedicated to creative writing, saying: “I’m really looking forward to engaging lots of people in writing activities, and encouraging them to find their voices. Who knows, I might find the next generation of Medway poets!”

One Day Works will host a series of one day experiments throughout Medway during the Fuse Festival and its build up. From urban high streets to country villages, the project will showcase ten of Medway’s finest creative talents across a range of art forms. Along with the The Word Play Wagon, the works include an epic poem, sculptures made from found objects, archival collections, insect inspired costumes, drawings made from thread, an acoustic live music gig and a magic lantern performance. All activities are free.

The Cabaret Club is Recruiting!

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The Cabaret Club strives to go beyond expectations, creating a decadent environment which seems out of place from the real world but allows our guests the chance of escapism and one evening of fun and frivolity.  We bring some of the finest performers around into a sleepy part of Kent, to an audience who are deserving of such talent.

We launched in August 2013 to a rapturous audience and with our shows in such high demand we’re trialling a move into a bigger space at our current venue and need enthusiastic helpers to make that happen.  We were also successful in our application to create the Medway branch of Dr Sketchy’s (the world famous burlesque life drawing classes) which has further helped secure our position as a dominant cabaret force in Kent!  And we’re preparing to launch The Cabaret Club and Dr Sketchy’s for private hires so the need for a bigger team will soon be even greater.

We’re recruiting for volunteers to join our production team to help in the following areas:

  • Assistant Producers
  • Event Assistants
  • Marketing, PR and Social Media 
  • Technical
  • Set Design and Prop Making

These role/s are initially unpaid but if you’d like to get some production experience and are hard-working, reliable and like having fun while you work then get in touch!  E-mail with details about yourself, what area of production interests you and what would make you a great addition to The Cabaret Club team.  Whatever your skill or passion, even if you work in a ‘regular’ job and want to try something new and exciting, then we’d love to hear from you!

You’d need to be Kent based or have transport.  This is initially an unpaid role but we are prepared to help and support you in gaining valuable work experience in a theatre production environment. You must be aged 18 or over and be available on evenings and weekends especially on the weekend of a show.

This is an exciting time for us and if you want to be a part of the journey then get in touch!


 Dr Sketchy's logo VSN 4

Spoke ‘n’ Word – FREE workshops for 14-21yrs

Creative Opportunities


17th May | Times and venues listed below 

Shout Out to all budding spoken word artists, poets, wordsmiths, song writers and emcees aged 14 -21yrs.

Free opportunity for two full days mentoring by some of the UK’s most talented slam poets (during half term – 28th & 29th May) and a chance to perform alongside professional poets on our pedal powered stage onboard LV21 as part of the Fuse Festival at the Wise Words Festival in Canterbury.

Taster Session 17th May 11:00 -13:00 FREE

Medway Youth Service, Strood Youth Centre, Montford Road, Strood, Rochester ME2 3ET

Meet the Poets 17th May 18:30 – 21:00 | Tickets £3

‘Where Giants Stood’, Woodies Youth Centre, Arethusa Road, Rochester ME1 2UN

For further details please contact or pop into Strood Youth Centre.

Download flyer.

Limber – Call For Application For 66 Day Residency – Based at UCA Canterbury – Closes 25th April 2014

Creative / Artist Wanted, Creative Opportunities


East Kent Cultural Conversations are looking for an artist who is concerned with the relationship between pictorial and physical space and materiality.

They would like to offer him or her the opportunity to develop their practice as a part of a collaborative process with artists,  graduates / writers/  academics, involved with the research questions raised in the Limber; Spatial Painting Practices project;

The successful candidate will be paid the sum of £10,000 for a period of 66 days between 28th April and 1st March 2015.

This will be on a 1-2 day per week basis to be negotiated as the residency takes shape.

Travel costs will be paid or a base provided.

More details here in this application document:


Funding with approaching deadlines

Creative and Art News, Creative Opportunities

Musical  instrumentsHere are a couple of funding opportunities that might be of interest.

Funding for youth music making activities (England)
Youth Music, the UK’s largest music charity, has announced that its grant making programme has re-opened for applications. Through its funding programme, Youth Music makes grants of up to £250,000 to support projects that provide music-making activities for children and young people, especially those young people in challenging circumstances. Youth Music will fund non profit-making organisations committed to music-making activities for children and young people up to 18 (or up to 25 if they have special educational needs, disabilities or are in detention). Youth Music aims to support music making activities principally in out of school hours such as during weekends, holidays as well as in breakfast and after schools clubs. Youth Music understands that programmes may need to begin in school hours especially if the proposal involves encouraging first time participation in music. To help with this, Youth Music will consider applications for programmes where up to 25% of the time is spent in school hours. The proposed programme should aim to encourage children and young people to eventually make music outside of school hours.

The closing date for applications is 5pm on the 3rd April 2014. Read more at:

Arts Council England Strategic Touring Programme (England)
The next closing date for grant applications to the Arts Council, England Strategic Touring Programme is the 2nd May 2014. The £45 million Strategic touring programme provides in excess of £15,000 for projects that encourage collaboration between organisations, so more people across England experience and are inspired by the arts, particularly in places which rely on touring for much of their arts provision. The funding is available to both organisations and individuals. Partnerships, networks and consortia can also apply. These can include:

  • Promoters
  • Producers
  • Artists
  • Agencies
  • Companies
  • Marketing or audience development specialists
  • Local authority representatives or any other kind of organisation or individual.

Read more at:

A £2,000 Art Commission for One Lucky Emerging Artist – Closes 21st March 2014 – Medway

Creative Opportunities

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 00.00.04 

A unique art project is currently looking for applications from young Medway artists to win a £2,000 commission and create outdoor site specific work for a village church yard.


The St. Peter’s Prayer Walk is a public art project, to create a series of installations as part of a permanent Prayer Walk at St. Peter’s Church, in Bredhurst. The aim is to offer one young artist or a recent graduate the opportunity to develop, design and deliver outdoor art for a woodland site alongside St. Peter’s Church. The awarded artist will be supported throughout the process and gain valuable experience to aid their art career.


Heather Burgess is the coordinator of the Medway Open Studios and Arts Festival and has been working with St. Peter’s Church to develop this opportunity. “We hope that this commission will offer an early career artist a really big opportunity to kick start their career. The awarded artist will be given a budget to design and create some amazing site specific work, and gain valuable insights into the world of a professional artist. The support on offer is very hands on, with business advice available throughout the process and mentoring from an experienced artist in this field. When the Prayer Walk is complete I will work with the awarded artist to create and promote a showcase and exhibition of the finished work.”

To apply, you should be from Medway and under 21 years old or graduated in the past 5 years from a creative course. Other criteria apply and to find out more you should refer to the attached Commission Brief and Application Form


The closing date to submit an application is Friday 21st March, with a launch event planned on Easter Saturday, 19 April at St. Peter’s Church.

Medway Open Studios Placement – Festival and Marketing Assistant – Volunteer placement (unpaid)

Creative Opportunities

Medway Open Studios & Arts Festival

Festival and Marketing Assistant – Volunteer placement (unpaid)

1 or 2 days a week, 3 month placement (February – April)

Medway Open Studios & Arts Festival is an independent non-profit arts festival celebrating the wealth of creativity in Medway. The first festival took place in July 2012 with the aim to highlight the quantity of artistic talent in the area. Now heading into its third year, the Medway Open Studios and Arts Festival has doubled in size since its conception in 2012 and is offering a volunteer placement to anyone wishing to develop their career and learn more about marketing and event management.

For more information about the role please see the attached description. If interested, please send your CV and a short cover letter about yourself, to Deadline is Wednesday 5th February 2014

Festival & Marketing Assistant, Volunteer Placement - Role description

Author: Glogger 13 July 2009

Real Medway and Swale

Creative / Artist Wanted, Creative Opportunities

Author: Glogger 13 July 2009

‘Real Medway & Swale’ is a new project funded by Creative People and Places (Medway and Swale) that aims to create an augmented reality adventure game, encouraging players to explore the area using mobile phone and tablet devices to find clues; interact with characters and solve puzzles, whilst moving around the real world. Imagine Monkey Island on your doorstep.

The game will be developed in collaboration with local artists, writers and volunteers who wish to experiment with augmented reality and digitally exhibit their work in unusual spaces.

Over the next few months there will be a series of workshops to explain the project in more detail, plan and find out who would be interested in getting involved.

if you are interested in finding out more or would like to be invited to a workshop.

Creatabot Funded To Run Project To Help Mobility impaired

Creative and Art News, Creative Opportunities

CreataboX at Home

Application now open – see here.

Creatabot has been awarded funding from Creative People and Places (Medway and Swale) to run a brand new project aimed at helping people with mobility problems to still be involved in their local arts community.

CreataboX At Home will provide 50 people in Medway and Swale with materials needed to create small pieces of their own choice for the CreataboX Art Dispenser, which is present at many events in the local community. They will be given photos and videos from events so that they can see their contribution is appreciated in the community. 

Additionally if they are on occasion well enough to attend events, then transport will be provided, and they will also be given the opportunity to be given transport to local creative classes if they are able. People will also be given, if they wish, a Crafting Companion – someone who will visit them and provide company and encouragement whilst creating their chosen pieces.

MakingApart from various basic council/government/food services there is little in the UK to help people who are housebound feel involved in their local community, especially when it comes to local arts. Even from their own home they can contribute and be valuable to their local area, and the CreataboX At Home project will help make this happen. 

The project will also support those whose contact with their local community is limited due to mental and physical health conditions.

We will soon be releasing more details as to how people apply to be involved, in the meantime we would like to hear from people who would like to help support the project, especially those who are able to transport the CreataboX vending machine to events (petrol costs provided).

If you would like to help please email Natasha Steer on 

CreataboX Creature

Transmit:Project – Are you the next big thing?

Creative / Artist Wanted, Creative and Art Events, Creative and Art News, Creative Communities and Inspiring Websites, Creative Opportunities


Are you a musician/filmmaker/artist/photographer/organisation etc who would like more people to know about your work and what you do?

Perhaps you always wanted to know what musicians/filmmakers/artists/photographers etc live and work and create in Medway?

Would you like to transmit your art?  Would you like to project your talent?

Transmit:Project is a brand new project all about getting known.  Its all about providing a platform for upcoming and established artist and performers.  It’s all about having one place where people can go to find out more about the huge amount of talent that currently thrives in Medway.

This is going to be the place for local talent to be seen and heard.  This is going to be the place where audience inside and outside Medway will come to see what talent is around.  A while ago I wrote about some of the Medway scene with the popular Medway Visions articles.  I hope these will morph into transmit:project files as well as adding new ones all the time.

But it needs you.  Without talents to write about/broadcast then this project won’t get very far.  Make yourself heard.  Contact us.

Here’s how it works:

You send me a bio and some details about your work.

You send me a link to your work/send a cd etc.

With these things I can write about you.

You also send me a video file of you performing or a music video (musicians), interview/sequence of pictures of art (artists), sequence of photos (photographers) a short film (filmmaker).

With this I can post a clip of you/your work.  (If you can’t get a video file to me then contact me anyway and we can sort something out)

This will then be shown from the transmit:project broadcast channel:

In time this project might spread out, but, for now, it’s all about Medway.  And what better place to start.  Transmitting art.  Projecting talent.

The Moon The Eye

Assistance For Artists, Creative Individuals and Creative Businesses – January to September 2014 – Medway/Swale

Creative and Art Events, Creative Communities and Inspiring Websites, Creative Opportunities

Kent Creative Live Workshop 28th June 2013

Ideas Test (Creative People and Places: Swale and Medway) is pleased to announce the launch of Kent Creative Live Swale and Medway, a support network for artists, art organisations and creative individuals and businesses.

The programme will start on Tuesday, January 14th 2014 and go on for 9 months, with events in Chatham, Faversham, Rochester and Sittingbourne.

Kent Creative Live helps creative professionals develop business skills and connections, enabling them to become more self-sufficient and achieve their goals. The aim is to nurture a more business like outlook, vital for their survival, and which will strengthen the professional creative community as a whole.

Thanks to funding support given by Ideas Test, the whole programme – comprising nine workshops and eight meet-ups – is a unique opportunity for creatives to grow their practice at the very affordable rate of £112, extraordinarily good value at just £6.59 per three hour session.

Kent Creative Live includes a series of practical and participatory workshops presented by experienced professionals, to improve the skills required in running a creative business. The workshops will cover business planning, project evaluation, marketing, money management and legal issues, all tailored to creative practitioners. The workshops are available to residents of Swale and Medway only.

It will also include meet-ups to talk to and exchange ideas with like-minded people, to develop relationships and get feedback from peers on specific projects, as well as opening up opportunities to build new relationships.

Nathalie Banaigs, Project Manager for Kent Creative Live, said: “Group interaction is key for the attendees at both types of event, to receive support from peers and professionals – especially valuable for those who work alone. The feedback we’ve received from previous, similar events means we’re confident that creatives from both Swale and Medway will gain valuable knowledge from their attendance, which they can apply to their practices with confidence.”

Existing members of Kent Creative Live agree, with artist Frances Beaumont saying: “I have benefitted enormously from joining. It has given me a direction and confirmed my purpose to be a practising artist.” Illustrator Mark Thatcher said: “The guest speakers and business workshops are interesting eye openers to the financial, copyright and social media stuff that I otherwise avoid even thinking about!”

For full details about the programme and to book your place, please visit the Kent Creative Live website or contact Nathalie on 01795 597 576 or email:

Opportunity For Artists and Curators At Stour Valley Arts

Creative / Artist Wanted, Creative Opportunities

2 new opportunities for artists and curators

image: Rehearsals for Marks Measures Maps and Mind by Dog Kennel Hill Project.  Photo by Anthony Wadham.

We are proud to announce 2 new ways for artists and curators to get involved with Stour Valley Arts.

1. Pop-up exhibitions at SVA:Cornershop
From mid-February Cornershop will host 5 back-to-back micro-shows that celebrate the strength and diversity of artists‘ exploration of landscape, the natural environment and sense of place.
If you would like to propose a group exhibition that addresses these themes (however obliquely) that could be mounted in sympathy with the spirit of pop-up ventures, then we’d love to hear from you.

2. Forest Studio residency opportunities
From February 2014 Stour Valley Arts will offer artists working in any discipline the opportunity to undertake self-directed residencies in our newly converted Forest Studio on the edge of King’s Wood, Challock.
Whether you are an artist who wants to explore the forest and be inspired, test a new idea or way of working, or just get away from the daily routines of the studio, this resouce offers you the opportunity to invest focussed time and thought in your practice.
The Forest Studio welcomes sculptors, choreographers, musicians, video makers, painters, poets and much more.  Residencies can be arranged for periods of 2-6 weeks. Use of the Forest Studio is free of charge.

Applications for either opportunity must be made by means of the simple forms (see below)
Application is free.

Huttson Lo, Director
Stour Valley Arts, Elwick Road, Ashford, Kent TN23 1NR
01233 664987

Alan Kane’s exhibition Documentarium will be at SVA:Cornershop from 18 January – 8 February 2014, open 11am – 4pm Wednesday to Saturday or by appointment

Stour Valley Arts
Gallery and Office, Elwick Road, Ashford, Kent TN23 1NR
Open 11am-4pm Wed-Sat and by appointment – 01233 664987
Forest Commissions, King’s Wood, Challock, Kent TN25 4AR
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Call Out To Artists For Exhibition In Sevenoaks – Ends 19th Jan 2014

Creative / Artist Wanted, Creative Opportunities


Call out for ‘A Fine Line‘

11 February – 15 March 2014

Artists originating from, educated or currently working in Kent are invited to submit existing or proposed work for consideration relating to the title ‘A Fine Line’. Work could relate to the title of ‘A Fine Line’ either physically or conceptually.

All media will be considered, including proposals for site specific or performance pieces. Please specify any technical installation and display requirements in your application and the gallery will endeavour to accommodate these requirements. Selected artworks should be available for installation on the 10th February 2014.

Please email images (up to 1Mb) along with a short statement. Submissions and enquiries should be directed to

The deadline for receipt of submission is 12 midnight on Sunday 19th January 2014

The curatorial team will endeavour to select work that is not only strong in itself, but that will develop a conceptual and/or aesthetic relationship, in order to produce a coherent show. Successful artists will be notified within a week of the deadline to make arrangements for delivery of the work. ‘A Fine Line’ is co-curated by Rosalind Barker, Sue Evans and Franny Swann as a Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum concept.

The Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery is a contemporary space run by Kent County Council to show new and experimental work from established and emerging Kent artists.

Images from previous shows at the gallery can be found here –

Call for Submissions – LGBT Exhibition ‘Pride Against Prejudice’

Creative and Art News, Creative Opportunities


Kent & Medway LGBT Community Action group, supported by Nucleus Arts, are curating an exhibition of work by lesbian, gay, bisexual & trans artists and/or work inspired by sexuality & gender identity, as part of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans History Month 2014. The exhibition will celebrate the LGB & T Community in Kent & Medway as well as raising awareness of issues related to sexuality & gender identity.

Exhibition theme: We are inviting submissions of artwork which explore the theme ‘Pride Against Prejudice’ and that are inspired by sexual orientation & gender identity

Exhibition dates: The exhibition will run from 7th – 27th February at Nucleus Art Gallery, High St, Chatham. A launch/preview event will take place on Friday 7th February from 6 – 8pm.

Please send submissions to by 9am Monday 27th January. You will be notified whether your work has been selected by Friday 31st January. For each piece of work submitted (maximum 5) please include artists name, title, medium & price along with a digital image of the piece.

Upon being selected for the exhibition:

Collection & delivery of artwork: All work must be delivered to Nucleus Arts Chatham by 10am Friday 7th February & collected on 28th February and must be framed/mounted and ready to hang.

Sales of work: Nucleus Arts will take 20% commission and Kent & Medway Community Action Group will take 5% commission.

Insurance. loss & damage: Nucleus Arts public liability insurance covers the gallery space, but artists are welcome to also insure their own work. Nucleus Arts assumes no responsibility of damage or loss of work.

Announcing LIMBO Associate Membership – Margate

Creative Opportunities


LIMBO is pleased to announce the launch of its Associate Membership scheme. Through its Membership, LIMBO hopes to make its space and programming more accessible, bringing artists and other creative practitioners from Kent into contact with those from further afield.

Associate Members are invited to submit a portfolio of work, which LIMBO will review annually when selecting its programme.

Membership costs £15 for one year (£16 if paying online). The Membership fee directly supports our programme and provision of member benefits.

Associate Member benefits also include:

  • Reduced rate of hire of the Project Space (£20 reduced from the standard administration fee)
  • Eligibility to submit to the annual Associate Members’ Open Exhibition at LIMBO at no extra charge
  • Listed as an affiliated artist on our website with a link to your professional website
  • The chance to assist with LIMBO’s programming by invigilating or through internship opportunities.

To find out more click here

Arts Fundraising Training in London – January and February 2014

Creative and Art News, Creative Opportunities

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 23.21.28

The Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Programme is running fundraising training in London in January and February 2014. All of the sessions are suitable for fundraisers within arts organisations, both NPO and non-NPOs, and some will also be of interest to freelancers and artists. These sessions will provide useful guidance and information at a crucial time when some organisations may be applying for Arts Council grants.

Information about the individual courses can be found on the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy website:, where you can also book.

If you have any questions please contact Katrina Black on or 02073770287.

FREE Screen Printing Taster Workshop At Hobbycraft Maidstone – 14th December 2013

Creative and Art Events, Creative Opportunities

Email title image

Create a beautiful printed tote bag and encourage the kids to get creative and experience the thrill of printing their own t-shirt!

Moore Studio Press have teamed up with the lovely people at Hobbycraft, Maidstone to bring you screen printing taster sessions on Saturday 14th December. There are 4 sessions to choose from starting at 11.00am with 8 people per session. This activity is suitable for children aged 5 years + and adults of all ages.

Sessions are free, (but booking is essential) you just need to bring a t-shirt to print onto (this must be white or light coloured) or you can purchase a t-shirt or canvas tote bag on the day for just £2.


You’ll leave with new skills and tips to carry on screen printing at home.

Chatham Intra Art Competition – Closes 28th February 2014

Creative Opportunities


Theme: Chatham Intra* and Lesser Known Chatham*the area between the east end of St. Margaret’s Bank, roughly where the railway bridge crosses Rochester High Street, and the Chapel of St. Bartholomew.


Entries will be accepted in any 2D medium, including photography Click here for an extract
from WOW Magazine
October 2013


1ST – £1000

2ND – £500

3RD – £250

All entries will be considered for purchase by Richard Watts Charities.
In addition to the cash prizes RWC will be holding an exhibition of short-listed work at Nucleus Gallery in Chatham for 2 weeks from 4 – 17 April 2014.
Email or telephone 01634 842194 for more information.
You may apply via from 1 January 2014.
Closing date is 1.00 p.m. Friday 28 February 2014.
There is a £10 fee per entry with a maximum of three entries per person.Competition Rules

  1. Artists must be 16 years or over.
  2. The theme of the competition is ‘Chatham Intra and Lesser Known Chatham’.
  3. Entries will be accepted in any 2D medium, including photography and must be no larger than A1 (594mm x 841mm) once framed.
  4. Submissions will only be accepted as digital files uploaded via our website from 1 January 2014.
  5. Digital submissions should be of a resolution between approximately 1024 x 768 and 1920 x 1080.
  6. Artwork submitted must be original and created by the artist(s) named in the application.
  7. Price must be included in the application form, maximum £1000.
  8. Deadline for entries 1pm on 28th Feb 2014.
  9. There is a £10 fee per entry. Unpaid or unidentified entries will not be accepted.
  10. Payment can be made via the application form online, by cheque or cash at: Richard Watts Charities, Administrative Offices, Watts Almshouses, Maidstone Road, Rochester, Kent ME1 1SE. Monday to Friday 9.30am-4pm. By BACS to: RICHARD WATTS CHARITIES, Barclay’s Bank PLC, Medway Towns Branch, Sort Code: 20-54-11, Account: 60931373. Please use your full name as reference.
  11. Maximum of three entries per person.
  12. The application form, submission upload facility and an optional online payment facility will be available on this website from 1 January 2014.
  13. Successful entrants will be notified by email / telephone by 14th March 2014. If you are not contacted by 14th March please assume your submission has not reached the short-list, however your work may still be purchased by Richard Watts Charities.
  14. Short-listed work must be delivered to Nucleus Art Gallery on the afternoon of Thursday 3rd April 2014 by 5pm or on Friday 4th April 2014 by 10.30am. Unsold work must be picked up Thursday 17th April between 1-5pm. Please contact Nucleus 01634 812108 direct if you are unable to deliver or pick up during these times.
  15. Work to be supplied framed, strung and bubbled-wrapped to prevent damage.
  16. Each entry to be clearly labelled on the back with name of artist, title of work, medium and price.
  17. Exhibition dates – Friday 4th April – Thursday 17th April 2014.
  18. Nucleus Arts will take 25% commission on all sales from their gallery.
  19. All sold artwork must remain in the gallery until the closure of the exhibition.
  20. Works submitted for the exhibition remain at all times, the liability of the artist who should arrange insurance to cover from transit, exhibiting and on to collection if unsold.
  21. Entry is taken as consent to re-produce entrant’s artwork. Artwork will only be used for purposes connected to the Richard Watts Charities Art Competition.
  22. Artwork will be exhibited for sale as part of this competition, and entry is taken as consent to exhibit and sell.
  23. Entry to the competition will be deemed as acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Sky Academy Arts Scholarships For Artists Aged 18-30 – Closes 6th December 2013

Creative / Artist Wanted, Creative Opportunities

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 11.16.52

For the third year running Sky, in association with IdeasTap, is giving away five £30,000 bursaries and mentoring support to artists aged 18-30 from the UK and Ireland. Applications are open to individuals working in the following fields:

·       Performing arts

·       Dance

·       Music

·       Visual art

·       Creative producing

·       Creative writing

Find out more and apply at

Variance – Call Out For Young People Interested In Photography – Medway

Creative / Artist Wanted, Creative Opportunities


Photographer Rickard Osterlund is looking for people aged 16-21 with an interest in photography…


This workshop is open to people aged 16-21 in Medway who are into alternative music and/or fashion! You might be into Metal, sleaze-rock or MCR, or dabelling in cosplay. You might love pop, but – as the title suggests – black will feature prominently in your wardrobe. In this workshop you will explore professional photography techniques and you get to keep all the images you take!


This workshop will introduce you to studio lighting and the way it can change the mood of photographs. This workshop does not require any special skills and you don’t need to bring any special equipment or fancy cameras! It doesn’t even matter if you are interested in photography – hopefully you will be after the workshop! We will try several different setups and everyone will get hands on experience taking pictures and you will get to keep copies of all the images you take. Equipment will be provided along with props, backgrounds and cool locations. At the end of the workshop we will look at Photoshop and the way this is used to enhance images.

Open to individuals aged 16-21, living in Medway/Swale.

The next workshop is Saturday the 9th November 2013 , starting at 13:00.



In the weeks after the workshops I am looking for people interested in collaborating with a professional photographer on a portrait. You will be involved in all the decision making and get copies of the pictures.

We will discuss your ideas in detail and then arrange for a time and place for a session. I will then take your portrait in the clothing and a location you’ve chosen; you will be directly involved in the process throughout, so in a sense it is a self-portrait. Please note that you DO NOT have to attend the above workshops to take part in this collaboration or vice versa, e-mail me directly to register your interest –

By Rickard Osterlund

This project is funded by Creative People and Places Swale and Medway.

Positive Arts Graffiti Project – Albatross Avenue Underpass – Strood

Creative and Art Events, Creative Opportunities


Albatross Avenue Underpass is getting a facelift!

A new community art project will design and create a mural for the underpass beneath the M2 which leads from Albatross Avenue (near Knights Place Rec) to Ranscombe Farm Reserve.

You can work with Artists from Positive Arts to help design the mural – and to help paint it too!

Free community painting days with the artists:

Join us at the underpass on
26th, 29th, 30th, 31st July & 1st, 2nd August – 12noon to 5pm

Celebrate with us on the last day of painting: Friday 9th August, 4-6pm

Ranscombe Farm Reserve

Unit 37, Medway Space Business Centre, Knight Road, Strood, Kent ME2 2BF
Tel: 01634 292062


Another recent project carried out by positive Arts.

Another recent project carried out by positive Arts.

Ranscombe Postcard Competition – Open To All Ages! – Closes 31st July 2013

Creative Opportunities


Design a postcard for Ranscombe and win a prize!

Design a postcard-sized piece of art that tells us what Ranscombe means to you, and you could win one of 15 prizes to be awarded across five age categories from young children to adults.

The competition is open to everyone – old, young, amateur or professional. There are five age categories with three prizes per category:

  • Up to 6 years old
  • 7 – 11 years old
  • 12 – 15 years old
  • 16 – 17 years old
  • Adults: 18 years and over

Prizes include digital cameras and camcorders, art and craft materials, and books.

Category winners will also have their artwork made into postcards to promote Ranscombe Farm Reserve and the work of Plantlife.

Entrants can submit artwork in any medium but it has to be postcard size (A6 size – 148mm x 105mm). For example you may choose to use photography, painting, textiles, drawing, digital design, sculpture or collage. Only hard-copy images will be accepted.

Closing Date for Submissions: Wednesday 31st July 2013.

For full terms and conditions, click here.

This competition is organised by Plant Life

Be Involved In The Chatham Mural Project

Creative and Art Events, Creative Opportunities


Would you like to be part of an exciting community art project to paint a big mural showing scenes from Chatham’s past, present and future? Artist Richard Jeferies will develop designs based on your ideas and work with you to paint a mural which will be painted on Chatham High Street.

All are welcome to come along to the mural and join in with the painting on-site. Young or old, any ability. Whether you are a beginner or a accomplished professional, just pick up a brush and get creative. You can come for 5 minutes or all day, any amount of time you can spare.

Also if you are a local band, musician, entertainer, choir or performer and would like the opportunity to come along and entertain the painters, then you are very welcome on any of the painting days.

The site is next to Homestyle 206/206A Chatham High Street.

To provide ideas or to be involved with the painting just email or leave a comment on this page.

Sat 27th July – From 10am Painting of undercoat
Mon 29th Jul 9am-5pm Drawing begins
Tue 30th Jul 12-6.30pm Complete Drawing, Painting Begins
Wed 31st Jul 12-6.30pm Painting Day & Relief work
Thu 1st Aug 12-6.30pm Painting Day & Relief work
Fri 2nd Aug 12-6.30pm Painting Day
Sat 3rd Aug 9am-6pm Painting Day
Sun 4th Aug Rest Day (Reserve Day if bad weather)
Mon 5th Aug 11am-5pm Painting Day
Tue 6th Aug 11am-5pm Painting Day
Wed 7th Aug 11am-5pm Detail Painting Outlines
Thu 8th Aug 12-6.30pm Detail painting, Outlines
Fri 9th Aug 12-6.30pm Finish detailing, tidy up
Sat 10th Aug 12noon – The Big Reveal!

Additional information:

The Chatham Mural project has been commissioned by the Developing Neighbourhood Approach (DNA) through Medway Council.

DNA is co-funded by the Developing Neighbourhoods Approach project of the Interreg IVA 2 Seas Programme and the European Regional Development Fund.

The Programme enables cross-border participation in projects that help local residents to improve quality of life by empowering them to make changes in their communities in economic and social areas and environmental improvements.  Locally the project focusses in the areas of Chatham central and Luton but is also being implemented in 3 other cities in Europe, Breda in the Netherlands, Kortrijk and Antwerp in Belgium.

logo_DNA2 Seas Cartouche small

Half Term Creative Family Workshops – Sparky Project – 30th and 31st May 2013 – Rochester

Creative and Art Events, Creative Opportunities


The Sparky Project is hosting hands on making workshops in order to create a series of parade structures as part of this year’s Opening Parade for Fuse Festival 2013.

Families are invited to help with getting the projects two main characters ready for the parade, the theme of which is ‘Time Travel’. The workshops, taking place in Rochester, are open to children accompanied by parents.

The Sparky Project aims to offer a wide selection of creative activities to a wider audience, and these workshops will offer an insight into some of the making processes involved with the parade.

The workshops will be held between 11am – 1pm on both Thursday 30th May and Friday 31st May.

Booking is essential, so please go to to book a place.

The workshops will take place at the Scullery Studios, behind 376 High Street, Rochester, ME1 1DA.

Flyer Front copy

Area: Kent    Medway     South East

Be Part Of Medway’s New Art Vending Machine – CreataboX

Creative and Art Events, Creative and Art News, Creative Opportunities

Vending Filter

An art vending machine, CreataboX, is being launched at Fuse festival on the 15th of June in Chatham, and the project needs help from local creatives to produce miniature creations to go inside the machine.

Items can include art pieces, knitting, poetry, stories, music on memory cards and anything inspiring that can fit into a vending machine ball. Creatives are being asked to include information about themselves in the ball as this is a great opportunity for promotion.

The next free workshop is at 6.30 on Tuesday 11th June at 161 High Street, Rochester. Materials will be provided. Book here –

The vending balls are 9cm in diameter and you can also bring pre-made work to the workshops, where they will be put into the vending balls.

The workshops are being lead by local artist Richard Jeferies, who is part of the CreataboX project. Richard has taught a wide range of artistic workshops and been part of many local art projects over the last 10 years. Speaking about the project he says “I would like to see the CreataboX building a link between artists and lovers of art. With its pocket money price (£1) I would hope it can bring art into more peoples lives, and at the same time give exposure and inspiration to creatives established as well as just starting out”.

It is hoped in the future that funding will be available to commission local creatives for further vending machine contents.

CreataboX has been developed through Creatabot by a team of people passionate about doing awesome things in Medway. It was inspired by the art vending machine in Leeds, but was altered to be multimedia.

Area :    Kent    South East    Medway

Art Vending Machine For Medway – Lets Do This!

Creative Opportunities


So…Leeds have recently been featured on the BBC news website  regarding their new art vending machine, and fellow creatives here in Medway think it is only fair Medway and Kent have one too. So lets make it happen.

Included in the vending machine could be art as seen in the BBC link.

Also poetry like this carried out here:

The machine could tour round different venues and events 🙂 it would be so cool!

Any other ideas?

I am apprehensive to start an official crowd funder yet. It would be great to generate interest then ask people to send the money to a certain Paypal address – or just pay in cash at selected venues in Medway.

Ed Jennings has kindly worked out we need around £200 to buy a machine and the initial containers for the machine.

Can people who are willing to support financially, even a few £  –  please add a comment or email me?

Thanks guys! And thank you to Richard Jeferies for the encouragement to do this! 🙂

Natasha x

Get Your Application In For Medway Open Studios 2013 – Deadline 26th April

Creative and Art Events, Creative Opportunities
The Hazelnut Press studio - part of The Ridley Road Group

The Hazelnut Press studio – part of The Ridley Road Group

Registration for the Medway Open Studios and Arts Festival closes on Friday 26 April. All artists and makers from the Medway area are being urged to sign up quickly and avoid missing out on being a part of this creative festival.

Now in its second year, the arts festival has increased by 100% since its launch in July 2012. This summer, 30 venues will be displaying work by more than 100 local artists and students, making it the largest independent art festival in Medway.

To encourage more artists to sign up a Makers Market option has been introduced, offering pitches inside the new emerging art venue, Sun Pier House. The art market will be open over the weekends of the festival, with various products and crafts on sale. Apply before Friday 26 April to book your place.

The festival runs from Saturday 13 to Sunday 21 July 2013. For more information please visit


Area: Kent       South East     Medway

Make One Yourself – Woodwork Courses – Rochester

Creative and Art Events, Creative Opportunities


The ‘Make One For Yourself’ series of courses will offer a little insight into the process involved with making some of Ciaran McKay’s, wood products.

Included in the courses are how to create a cheese board and pendant as well as one to one sessions. These will be an introduction to the wood working process that Ciaran uses, and will offer an insight into a day working with Ciaran.

To book please go to

If you would like to find out more please feel free to get in touch

Area: South East   Kent   Medway

Art About – Accessible Art Studios and Workshops – Boundary Wharf – Chatham

Creative and Art Events, Creative and Art News, Creative Opportunities

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 00.55.44Art About is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company offering workshops run by local artists Helen Morley and Wendy Daws. The purpose of this project is to provide contemporary Fine Art opportunities to adults who are excluded from mainstream higher education and art making opportunity, for reasons of disability or disadvantage.

The focus is on developing the artist, their art and their abilities, not on disability. This is very exciting because it is accessing and evidencing a truly creative pool of under-explored talent. Long term, they want to build these new skills towards training, qualifications and even potentially employment, broadening the lives of excluded people. They will be enlarging the cultural offer to the region, showcasing great art and artists, and building opportunities to connect with the wider community.

The project is now in its second phase and for the next three months and they have their own pop up studio space in Boundary Wharf, Chatham. The studio will be a place where people can develop their skills in a creative, safe and friendly atmosphere. Both artists are experienced mentors, working with people with learning disabilities, visual impairment and other sensory or physical disability (at Maidstone Social Services day centres, Kent Association for the Blind, The Topaz Community and Spadework) and we want to support people to discover and grow their own creative potential, both as individuals and as a group. References are available.

The studio days will be Monday and Tuesday from the 4th February onwards until mid April and will be open from 9.30am until 4pm. The fee for the day is £5 including all materials and is supported by the Arts Council. The groups will be small (no more than 10) so that we can give a good standard of support. Both Helen and Wendy have £5m public liability insurance and recent enhanced CRB checks and there will always be two staff present. The building is fully risk assessed and has a fire evacuation policy. Family or support workers are welcome to join us—please wear old clothes and bring a packed lunch.

The studio building is ground floor and there is room for a minibus or car to drop off outside the door, and some nearby free parking. The toilets are in an adjacent building and may not be ideal for everyone right now (we are working towards full disabled facilities next spring) so we invite you to come in and visit to see if they are suitable and chat over your requirements. Please email Helen at or call 07849926239 to make an appointment to view the studio and drink tea!

More information at

Ideas Tap Offering Student Loan Repayment – £9,000 Available! – Closing March 2013

Creative and Art News, Creative Opportunities


Saddled by student debt? Whether you’re a first-year student or a graduate, if you embarked on a BA or BMus in 2006* or later, you could benefit from having £9,000 wiped off your Student Loans Company balance by arts charity IdeasTap.

For a chance to win, simply explain to Ideas Tap  in 100 words or less what you could offer to IdeasTap’s network in exchange for the money. It could be an idea or a service, for example “This is how you could improve your site…” or “I’ll run this Spa event for your members…” ­ the more imaginative, original and feasible the idea, the better!

Find out more and apply by 29 March at

Margate Based Marine Studios Launch Adventures in Comics Competition – deadline 25th January 2013

Creative Opportunities


Celebrating illustration, writing, making, sequential narrative, and all that is Comics, Margate-based Marine Studios has just announced the launch of its 2013 Adventures in Comics comic competition.

AIC3 is inviting UK-based creators to respond to their annual two-page-comic challenge. Simply create a 2-page-comic* in response to this year’s theme – The Great Tree.

All entries will be showcased in an exhibition and free printed publication in February 2013 and the winning entry will be judged by comics aficionado Paul Gravett.

To enter, send your 2-page-comic or

The deadline for submissions: 25th January 2013

• Visit to find out more. Previous AIC entries can be seen on our website and blog.

• Marine Studios Margate is at 17 Albert Terrace, Margate, Kent CT9 1UJ. Tel: 01843 282 219

3 Month Internship Opportunity – Animate Create – Whitstable

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Application Deadline:  Friday 7th Dec 2012
Interviews:       Week commencing Monday 10th Dec 2012
Candidates notified:  Monday 17th Dec 2012
Start Date:  Monday 7th Jan 2013

The Role

This is an ideal role for a recent graduate wanting to gain experience within a vibrant, young, and growing creative company.  We are looking for someone who is a team player, multi-skilled, flexible, and keen to grow and develop with the studio.

We are looking for a number of Creative and Events/Marketing Graduate Interns, from a range of backgrounds and with a variety of skills.

For more information, full job description and details of how to apply, please see our website:

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The Assassin, The Grey Man and The Surgeon – A New Book By D C Stansfield

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Here is the book cover designed by D C Stansfield, photograph starring Joseph Jameson, photographed/edited/printed by Alice Stansfield.

(Picture above features Joseph Jameson mentioned here:

D C Stansfield has completed his first ever book – and, what’s this!? HE’S BEEN PUBLISHED! On the new form of ‘book’, an ‘Ebook’ on Kindle! Named, ‘The Assassin, The Grey Man and The Surgeon’ it’s the first book in the series of three which he is hoping to write if the book is popular enough.

Why do I sound so excited? Well D C Stansfield is my father and I am a very proud and inspired daughter to have another creative in the family. So far the book has received 99% 5 Star satisfaction on the UK Amazon store, with only 1% voting 4 stars (which is still high!)

A short summary of the book (adaptation of the blurb):

It was all going so well for Peter Lee’s drug empire. The only small annoyance had come from a little old lady who owned of all things a small corner shop. She had refused to accept any of his little parcels and wanted to go to the police, so she’d been given two bullets, the ‘double tap’, both to shut her up and to send a message to everyone else in the network.

Unknown to Lee she was married to a specialist, a man who, in a former life killed men for a living. He had two friends, one a gatherer of information, the master in his field, one a breaker of men, who was so vicious that it was rumoured that each time he hit a man he cut him. Each of these three men had spent thirty years and more playing the ‘great game’. Inside the security company called ‘The Firm’ they were legends known only as The Assassin, The Grey Man and The Surgeon.

Now living at the edge of the secret world and about to disappear into history, this atrocity had brought them back centre stage but the question is, do they still have what it takes to go up against today’s hard men?

I am currently reading the book and already stuck in, loving it, although can’t get the vision of my dad out my head which it amusing when you follow the storyline. We are a very proud household to say the least.

But how does one promote a book when one knows nothing about ‘publishing and advertising?’ Well, my dad came to the right place. ME. YouTuber/Tweeter/Tumblr/Facebooker/Genereal-confident-girl-in-emailing-companies/Currently-doing-media-work-experience and Creatabot blogger. (Most of the words are made up I will admit, but my point still stands). Therefore I’m spreading the word as best I can. Although, don’t feel I need to as sales have rocketed as one might say! It’s going rather well for it’s first WEEK out on the web!

Here you can watch a video where I give you all the details on the book, and in a couple of weeks I will be doing a full review of my opinion and it won’t be bias because he’s my dad I’ve told him I want to be honest. I am encouraging others to join me, read the book in my ‘by the end of November challenge’ (meaning read the whole book by the end of November) comment or send me your review on and I will be making a Review video with honest opinions from as many people as possible. I’d love you to be one of them.

In return, I will be mentioning your YouTube channel, blog post, website etc on my video so promoting everyone as we go. If you don’t want anything promoted or want to remain anonymous that’s fine too. If you have any questions for the author himself I’m sure I can persuade him (in other words, he’d love to) personally email you.

In summary –

The book is called ‘The Assassin, The Grey Man and The Surgeon’.

It’s available here on Kindle:

Free Sample Sample:…

It costs only £1.53 and is available on the American Amazon (.com rather than

My email is for any questions and honest reviews.

Thank you for reading.

By Alice Stansfield your friendly neighbourhood vlogger:

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